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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Studio: ^o^ Mog productions ^o^
  • Title: Rei Ayanami's The One
  • Premiered: 2002-09-02
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    • The One Soundtrack Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Forget everything you know about NGE, think of this trailer as a fanfic story.

    The hardest trailer I have ever worked on. The idea came to me 5 months ago when the movie was released. Me being a Jet Li fan went to go watch it even after reading the bad reviews. After watching that movie I decided to watch the trailer and the idea hit me.

    Orignally, Shinji was suppose to be Jet Li character but I thought it would be more funnier to use Rei Ayanami. The other reason for using Rei was then I could use all those scene when she talking to herself. Since I already have a girl playing a guy, I decided to change the roles around a little. Ritsuko Akagi would be the Black guy *don't ask*, Misato would be Jason Statham and Shinji would be Carla Gugino. So if your lost, the characters are:

    Rei Ayanami-Jet Li
    Shinji Ikari-Carla Gugino
    Ritsuko Akagi-Delroy Lindo
    Misato Katsuragi-Jason Statham

    I couldn't mirror the trailer as I would like too so I decided to put some scene there syncing it to something. Again, like KOD *Kiss of the Dragon* I had to wait for about 5 months for The One to be released on DVD.

    After months and months of delaying, its done in all its glory children! So download it and enjoy it.

    Special thanks to Hitori for hosting it for a month.

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