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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: Playing For Time
  • Premiered: 2004-05-22
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    • Muse Time is Running Out
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  • Comments: This is my 8th completed AMV and I would have to beleive that it is the most complete AMV I've ever done...there are very few things which I think about and go "that was bad, oy, I need to fix this. etc."

    First off, I have to say that this video is really made by the song, MUSE are an incredible band and the music they make is brillant. I met the band at their first American show and specifically asked them if I could do this video and if they minded, they were cool with the idea and seemed excited to see the finished product which I will be showing them soon. So if you like the audio you hear in this video go to:


    This is there official website and there you can practically listen to all of their new album and watch almost all of their videos.

    Onto the video itself, after screwing around with my "Piece of Shit Car" AMV I was really in the mood to make another AMV. I made the AMV in about a week, with 2-3 days primarily spent ripping and cutting clips and then 1 day spent exporting.

    For the last 2-3 years Muse has been a huge influence on my musical tastes and I have longed to do a video to them, but a concept just never came and then suddenly I was struck with like 3 at once. The idea came out of watching the original "Time Is Running Out" video. The official Muse video is very Dr. Strangelove-esque and kinda has this tense military march feel to it. It's dark and foreboding, so I wanted to match that.

    Cowboy Bebop suddenly came into the picture after I came to the realization that every character in the show gets sucked into their own inevitablity and perhaps their own doom.

    The chess piece motif only seemed fitting, chess is a very tactical game and it can suck you right in. I also felt that the chess game was a great way to signify the progression of inevitability and their eventual end game. Every character in the show is a piece on the board and an unseen enemy is playing against them, that being time itself. So the idea spawned into the metaphorical playing chess with their time and how that "time is running out".

    You may or may not notice that the color has been slightly drained and the whites are much brighter than the original footage. This was done to try to give the video certain feelings, the color draining gives it more of a uniform military look while the blown out whites give the undlying impression that things are out of control.

    There are mulitple levels to the video, on one hand I wanted to show the apathy of the situation in the scenes with the fan and then on the other I wanted to show this tense violent build-up toward the end game. Is it drama, is it action? You be the judge.

    It was incredibly fun to make, at some points tedious, but the song drove me and also the fact that at some point the band would see this video and I really hope they enjoy it.

    Anyway, that is about all I have to say on the video. I hope you all get something out of it and it was worth the download for you. I appreciate any criticism and love to get feedback, it helps me step outside my creators box and view the video with a different perspective.

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