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  • Member: SuperFusion
  • Studio: RX Studios
  • Title: Triumphant Naruto
  • Premiered: 2004-05-22
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    • ill nino When It Cuts
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  • Comments: I first got the inspiration to make this vid while listening to the song "When It Cuts" by "Ill Nino" and watching an AMV with the audio lowerd to try and find an theme. Then it struck me, I can use a transparency for a beat and fade that clip into the next to give the timing alittle more of an edge if ya know what I eman then other timing's. I used multiple fight's with Naruto and I matched the lyric's with some clip's. The main theme of the video is to show how to Naruto alway's comes back at the end of the fight. This was a fun project, I enjoyed making the vid and I hope you enjoy watching it.

    Hmm.. Well I decided to point of the clip's with lyric's matching.

    The first one is at 0:15 and lead's to 0:17, The lyric's are "Chest On Fire" showing Naruto's angry face and chest can go well with the lyric's if looked at in that way.

    The second is at 0:20 when the lyric's are "Understanding when you say", Naruto has stopped to listen to Haku's story. I don't believe I portrayed that enough but it can work if you're not to picky.

    The third begin's at 1:06 when the lyric's "I dont think I'll win this fight" showing Naruto beaten and on the ground.

    The fourth begin's at 1:09 when the lyric's are, "And i'm trying but it's ripping me inside", I showed Naruto having memories of Rock Lee and Hyuuga Hinata.

    The fifth begin's at 1:20 when he say's "Whatever left's inside", I showed Naruto's body give out a sign that the Demon Fox chakra is inside him and he can still use it.

    That's pretty much all of em I believe.

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    Adobe Premiere 6.5 -Editing

    VirtualDubMod -Encoding and cropping subtitle's out-

    SideNote- I feel alittle dissapointed with my ending because I didn't exactly like the artwork from the anime but I guess I have to live with that. Well, Enjoy and please LEAVE OPINIONS!

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