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  • Member: StudioKZ
  • Studio: Studio KZ
  • Title: DDR Track 7
  • Premiered: 2001-09-20
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    • Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix El Ritmo Tropical
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  • Comments: This was my second contribution to the massive DDR project. In actuality, I threw it together in about twelve hours but I think it turned out quite well. Listening to the song, I realized(as did MANY others) that this song didn't lend itself well to being made into a coherant video. In fact, in listening to it, I could only envision one single scene that would work even remotely well. So I put in that scene first and effectively built the rest of the video around that one stupid little joke ... and it worked out quite well as a matter of fact... Okay, so no it didn't really. But that particular Joke worked well (And no, it is not the Clerks Animated bit)

    Some issues arose while I was making this video though, I initially volunteered for it some time after Otakon, when Nate Bezner snickered at my one joke idea and said I should run with it. ... So I did. Unfortunately for the video, I was graduating my MOS course a week and two days after Otakon and the shipping/storage people came to get my stuff only three days after I volunteered. Like a complete idiot, I packed my TV/Video Preview monitor, my VCR, my PS2, all of my DVDs and my Break Out Box. ... I figured, hey it's only 800 miles, it can't take more than a week or two, right? Wrong. In fact, so wrong that I didn't even get my shipment until the week after AWA. Fortunately, I mailed my computer to myself and received it a week after I got home(I figured, the USPS would be more reliable than the government contract movers... I've had bad experiences with them and heavy electronic equipment).
    In a last minute panic, I picked up my machine, took it to my friend Mike Richardson(Sakuramboo)'s apartment, then drove a nearly one hundred mile round trip to get to Patrick's house in order to obtain one of his DV-500 Break-out boxes, all of this exactly a week before AWA. Then to my dismay, it turned out that I had Drill that weekend... so much for editing then. So Sunday night after Drill, I finally sat down with Mike and the two of us put together the first joke. ... Then we waited a little bit longer, and then I went home and went to bed. (The unfortunate part was that Mike worked the evening shift at the Airport and as such didn't get home until around midnight, and he had to work until Wednesday). Monday night, we decided on our overall theme. We were going to be dirty old men and put lots of bouncing barely-clad boobs in the video. Well, it's Carnival and it's Tropical, and it's the 'El Bimbo' mix, so ... why not? At the time, we figured, hey, what's the first Anime everybody thinks about when you think Bouncy? ... Besides Slayers? Besides Plastic Nipple? Bingo, Gunbuster! So we pulled out a nice bouncy scene and put that down at the opening. What's the next one? Bingo, Ranma Movie 2... Okay... Then I left and went home and went to bed... again. In fact, Tuesday night, with the grip finally approaching, we went ahead and layed down a full minute of video.

    Then we ran into the problem of having a minute and a half(nearly) left. So we worked all day and night Wednesday, then Thursday was the con, and there we were. There was a significant amount of cheering and applause during the beginning of my video, but I don't know if it was for Tim's Amazing video that came moments before, or just simply for the fact of all the different Anime characters bouncing in and out of my own.

    To my dismay, Lee Thompson sacrificed of his time to put out his own version of track 7. Nate also mostly finished a version. If I'm not mistaken, so did a few other people. Lee's editing was much better than mine, if he hadn't been in a crunch, my video wouldn't have made it in.

    To my surprise, Lee and I shared alot of footage and series ideas, as well as even a few shared beat cuts and sequences.

    Well, you know how those Muckers are. :P

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