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  • Member: ladydx
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: The Orphans
  • Premiered: 2004-05-19
  • Categories:
  • Songs:
    • Bus Stop Swing It
    • Evanescence My Immortal
    • J Geils Band Freeze-Frame
    • Johnny Cash Wanted Man
    • Rednex Spirit of the Hawk
    • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Blazing Saddles Main Theme
    • Sam the Sham Little Red Riding Hood
    • The Refreshments King of the Hill Theme
  • Anime:
  • Comments: First things first...what is this and why did I do it?
    This is a compilation of videos I abandoned over the course of a year..there were more than what you'll find here..but with the video at 6 mins already...I only used what I deemed the best out of the files I had on hand..I didn't think I should make it any longer on the off chance I'd get lynched for what you'll see here. You want a longer vid..go get the DDR Project.. =p
    I also thought that since I'd been so cruel and left these video to wither on the vine..that at least this much of them should be seen. Who knows..maybe something in here might inspire another editor who can make one of these ideas..or something similar to one of them..blossom and grow into a full fledged video...*sheds a tear ;_:

    Yes..this idea has been done before..but has that stopped (insert # here) people from making LBZ vids? deal with it.

    If you feel you must leave a review (and if you do leave'd better be all 10's for all the hard work I put into this! *shakes fist... and then hides in the shadows*) =P
    then please note..I know some of the clips have quailty issues. Why you ask? One reason is because as I mentioned before..these are abandoned projects..hence the Orphan's title. That means the only thing left of these were the betas. The footage and/or project files had been deleted. And since they were in beta stage..many times I don't do de-interlacing and such until much further along in the editing process. While not extremly bad..I cleaned them up as best as possible..but what you see is what you get. So before you say "OMGWTF?! ur footage sucked eggs on such and such clip" I know this..thank you for stating the obvious.. =p

    Now..onto a breakdown of what you're going to see:

    1) Cowboy Bebop-Bus Stop- Swing It-- I liked the song..I had the footage handy..and thought I'd see what might happen putting the two toghter...obviously it didn't thrill me like I thought it would and the vid went to the wayside.

    2) Trigun-King of the Hill Themesong-- The conversation over AIM went something like this:
    "You really need to try to edit to faster songs..faster cuts ..things like that"
    "Because I'm getting sick of all your romance vids! practice something with fast cuts!" the convo wasn't exactly like that but close enough..anyway..this is the result of it..

    3) Trigun-Blazing Saddles Theme-- Once agian..another result of someone telling me I needed to practice on something..this one being instrumental (sp?) peices. I had fully intended to finish this video but fell prey to the "OMG!!11 I have this awesome idea! aka "Look! Shiney stuff! " syndrome.

    4) Trigun-Johnny Cash-Wanted Man-- See a trend here yet? Ok..this one..I'd seen a vid on MTV that used this type of map overlays and thought.."Hey..that's a neat idea! I should try that sometime!" Then when I heard this song.."Hey! That's a song I could try the map overlays with!" Needless to say..the concept got old pretty fast with me..><

    5) Trigun-Evanesance-My Immortal- Hmm...first thing..the band..I can hear you groaning already..but..I figured what the hell..I'll try it...only problem with this? I'd planned on using Rem for alot of it...and as any good Trigun fan knows...there's just not alot of Rem to be used. And since the lyrics repeat themselves..well...need I say more?

    6) Macross Zero - Rednex-Spirit of the Hawk- OMG! It's not Trigun! =p Okay..first..fansubs. While I don't condem anyone for using them..I found out while trying this that I've been spoiled rotten by using DVD footage. Maybe someday far, far in the future when the DVD's are released and I can afford them..I may try again..but with it being a dance vid..I wouldn't hold your breath waiting =p

    7) Hellsing- Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs-Little Red Riding Hood-- If anyone were to be inspired by any of these..I'd hope this would be one that someone twisted enough would make work and finish..the idea is I said before..I've been spoiled by DVD's and don't have these and it'll be awhile before I do.

    8) Full Metal Panic- J. Geils Band- FreezeFrame-- As stated before..Fansub vs. DVD agian..and with money like it is DVD collection is frozen at where it's at now for awhile. So to the wayside this went as well.

    And that's that..hope you like's a closure for me to be able to finally delete these orphans off my HD and know that at least a few people got to see them...

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