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  • Member: Dana_dbz_PALACE
  • Studio: GirlZ AMV Studios
  • Title: Sayonara Hokage Sama
  • Premiered: 2004-05-19
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    • Enya May it Be
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  • Comments: This is the (hopefully) final version of Unfinished Sadness. You'll notice I kept that title the same in the intro. Why? I'm not seemed fitting even though it's finished. Or at least I think it is.
    I changed the transitions throughout the video since ther were a lot of complaints about the 'fade to black'. You can see that video here:
    But...uh...yah...don't watch that one. I can't believe I thought that was good enough to even post here. Trying to get it removed. So yah...THIS IS THE UPDATED AND FINAL VERSION (unless there are comments left here suggesting otherwise...then I'll edit it some more and post yet another final version).
    I kept the video in B&W for most of it except the dark parts for effect. I like the subtle color of their hair in the colored scenes. All the characters were already wearing all black, so making it B&W didn't seem fitting in those scenes.


    I hope you enjoy this video.

    comments taken from older version of video:

    I haven't done an AMV in nearly 5 years. My newest anime obsessions include Naruto and Full Moon wo Sagashite. So a few new AMVs were needed. A LOT are currently in the making.
    After Naruto episode 80 aired and I saw it, I just had to make a video to it. I really wanted to use Amazing Grace. Maybe I'll redo that in the future. But for now, this song seemed to fit.
    It is entitled "Unfinished Sadness" because the video itself is not complete. The song cuts off after one a chorus just after 3 minutes. Some people who saw the beta version of this thought if it went on for too long it would get boring.

    For a 'sad' effect, I made the first bulk of the video black and white. There were too many colors in those particular clips to keep the feeling I wanted. Later on, it is back to normal, but the scenes were narutally darker so I kept them as they were. I like how the slight pastel colored look of their hair looked in the shots so I kept it. I only forgot to make the very last clip black and white. It's too bright for this video.

    Yes, I understand the quality isn't the best. I do not have the DVD version of this episode so I had to go with a download.

    SERIOUS SPOILER WARNING! If you have not seen Naruto episode 80, please do not watch this video! (unless, of course, you don't mind spoilers)

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