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  • Member: ck25
  • Studio: A C.K. Idea
  • Title: And Now Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Premiered: 2004-05-14
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    • outkast Hey ya!
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  • Comments: Update: For some reason RealOne Player skips the video when playing so trying any program other than that should be fine (I hope). I have no idea on why this happens, but I'll try to figure something out...Until then, just use another program to play the video.

    Aaaarrrrgh! It has been nearly 7 long months...and I now I can finally put this vid to rest! So yeah, basically in late October 2003 when I first heard the song "Hey Ya" by Outkast I knew that I wanted to try and make a video using various anime. Of course I didn't want to start until winter break after the semester ended because school was such a big time consumer. So I finished about 30% over winter break and within the 4 months that followed, I added pieces until it all came together. Towards the end, the project kinda fell apart. That is, the files I was editing with didn't convert properly in Premiere when I was done with the AVI versions and I had to re-edit with the Vob's in Premiere...very slowly I might add. I mean, have you ever tried to edit lip syncing with slow vobs in Premiere? It's not an easy venture, so that's mostly why some of the lip syncing is off. In fact, I almost considered ditching the project, but after thinking that I knew I'd never forgive myself so I just marched on and came up with what I have here now. Basicalylly, I tried to keep everything with the lyrics of the song using about 10 different anime. There are actually a lot of things that I would still like to change but I decided to keep the same vid that premiered at ACEN...

    Speaking of which, it did premier at ACEN during the AMV contest and it actually got a few laughs...not bad, I thought.

    Anyway, I've decided not to spend any of this space apologizing for anything that I've done in the video. I had fun trying new things, and while not everything worked out in my favor it was still a learning experience. Still, I don't think I'll be trying any more videos to more than one anime!

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