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  • Member: DumBunny
  • Title: DumBunny's Feel Good Time!
  • Premiered: 2004-05-15
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    • Pink Feel Good Time
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  • Comments: Within about 5 hours, I came up with this music video. Surpising what can happen when there's nothing good on tv!
    Well, earlier this fine day, People started downloading the music video I had just put on the site and with a very nice rating too (THANK YOU ALL!) So, I guess you guys are the reason this music video is up on the site right now....Once you start playing with the AMV maker...You can't stop...
    The AMV is about Darein, Rini and Serena.. Well It was Suppose to be about them but, I kinda added some things in...
    A bunch of the clips I used weren't in the dubbed verison of Sailor Moon (DAMN YOU DUBBERS!) So, you may be like "Where did THAT come from?" The clip where Sailor Jupiter and Evil Prince Darien are fighting, I've never seen that before...
    On an unseting note, YTV HAS STOPPED SHOWING SAILOR MOON PERIOD! Write to them E-mail them. We MUST GET THEM TO SHOW THIS SERIES! Otherwise, childern will jugde Lesbian and gay couples (Uranus/Neptune etc.), boobs in the back monster that attacked Ami in the computer school, Nude Sailor Moon in the last epiode, THE SAILOR SCOUTS DIEING!, Corny villains, and wouldn't have the joy of the famous line:

    "You can talk?"
    Luna: I'll explain later
    (Which she NEVER DOES..From what I've seen)

    DumBunny Out!

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