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  • Member: VegetaGokuKuwabaraYusukeL
  • Title: Tourniquet
  • Premiered: 2004-05-06
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  • Song:
    • Evanescense Tourniquet
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  • Comments: This is officially the third music video my sister and I have made. Since we've made a Yusuke and Kuwabara music vid, this time we decided to focus on a great character, Genkai. She is incredibly unique. Her relationship with Toguro is, in my opinion, the most complex relationship in all of anime. In this vid, I really wanted to focus on their past and present. Also, we got inspired to make this because (excluding Tim) there really are no good Genkai vids out there. Especially about her and Toguro.

    This delves deep into their relationship and it's to Evanescence's 'Tourniquet'. The lyrics match the actions perfectly. I think the song captures the mood quite well. It's a pretty big file, but I hope you download it anyway. It's definitely worth your time if you like YYH, or Genkai.

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