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  • Member: Katsumi_AMVs
  • Title: 30 minutes to try hard ... ugh ... yeah , you know the song
  • Premiered: 2004-05-05
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: ============================================================

    Oh SHIT ! Oo

    Yeah I added one more Linkin Ball Z to the database. >_<

    Ok why ?

    Well , now I have 120 episodes of DBZ in 24 DVDs , and I was watching
    the fight with Gotenks against Majin Buu . . . and BAM , got the idea for
    this vid , that fight have lots of funny scenes , well , not just funny ,
    I figure out that those scenes can match the lyrics of that song and ..well
    here it is , what I have inside my crazy mind ><

    This vid it's suposed to be funny!

    Yes , I don't know if my sense of humor is the same of yours ,
    but , I have tried to make this vid funny .
    I've made various scenes with lip sync , more than I did in my latest vids ,
    to try to avoid the usage of ramdon clips when I wasn't able to match
    the lyrics literally.

    *Note* Have one part in this vid that I'm intentionally not matching lyrics ,
    then I put a scene with Gotenks thinking about that missed phrase/word ,
    I don't know if you can laugh with that . . . .but I did . . . ><

    To make this vid I spented something around 60 hours with editing/encoding.


    Let's make things clear :
    I'm NOT trying to insult people that use LP songs to DBZ or trying
    to make more people hate DBZ.
    No , it's a try to make a comedy vid having fun with one of my fave animes.

    Digital Effects

    Not too many different effects again , but this is the first vid that I've used
    a program to play around with still scenes , no , I'm not using Adobe Photoshop ,
    because i lost the serial number >< , anyways, I've used a program called
    PIXIA the software it's a freeware , but it's pretty good and easy to understand ^^

    Sub . . . .no , it's not exactly subs , but I added some words during the vid
    to try to make some scenes a bit more funny than the original.


    The song it's shorter than the original version . . . yeah again . . .
    I've cutted the song to again , try to avoid ramdon clips in the vid.
    And the whole point in this vid it's nothing more than Gotenks trying
    hard to beat Buu lol.


    I had a problem with my huffyuv , I forgot to set my Premiere to
    edit with 24 fps footage , and I did the best as i could to save this
    vid with the right timing , still , I wasn't able to make a nice encoding with
    23,976fps , this vid it is encoded at 23,976fps , but the file size still huge ,
    and I'm guessing it's because my huff had that technical problem.
    But , yeah if you don't mind "huge" file size , don't worry with capture and sound
    quality , both are good IMO. ^_~

    Special thanks for Arigatomyna.

    She is the person who took me out of a bad mood with AMVs related stuff. ^_^

    This is the first vid of a series of Dragon Ball Z vids that I'm gonna make from now .

    MWHAHAHA . . . . .

    Oh shit . . . I guess some people will start to hate me from now on. . .

    But I'm having fun^^


    I hope you ENJOY !



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