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  • Member: staces
  • Title: After Every Hit. . .
  • Premiered: 2004-05-03
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    • 3 days grace I hate everything about you
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  • Comments: I'm incredibly proud of this vid! Wheee! I think that it's some of the best action synching that I've ever managed to pull off. On the whole the only thing that displeased me is the audio because on the Three Days Grace CD this track is soooooooo much quieter than every other song on the damn thing. So as far as volume goes that's not my fault. ;_; What IS my fault though is the editing on the music. It was the best I could do but if you're familiar with the song it will be obvious.

    Also as fair WARNING this vid is a YAOI vid sprinkled with wonderful boy on boy dirtiness. While there is no sexual nudity (other than naked man chests but I don't think that really counts, and if it does there's a whole slew of vids that have broken the rules!) but there is a lot of suggestive. . . And, well. . . . Blatant, content. So please if YAOI isn't your cup of tea don't waste my time and yours by downloading it and then flaming me.

    Well all in all I hope that you like this vid and please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks!

    PS: NO subtitles! Sorry to always point that out but subs are my biggest pet peeve and I'd like fair warning when they're in a vid. ^_^

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