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  • Member: bubblehead
  • Studio: Rubber Ducky Productions
  • Title: Artificial Light
  • Premiered: 2004-05-02
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    • Vanessa Carlton Paradise
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  • Comments: Spoiler Warning: Most of this video is just one big spoiler for the last two or three episodes of Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight.

    This video was made partly for the Windows Movie Maker Challenge, but mostly because I wanted to make it. It took maybe a month, most of which was spent delaying ripping the episdoes. I was unable to rip one episode (episode 18), so the video is different than I orignally intended.

    Also, this is the smaller version. The quality difference is not enough to justify the size increase of about 60 megs.

    There is one effect used in this video, adjusting the speed of some of the clips. See if you can guess which ones. Other than that, there is a fade to black. I don't particularly favor effects (especially because there are few available in Movie Maker 2).

    This is a slow-paced video, which actually mostly follows the plot of the last few episodes of Lodoss TV. To better understand it, you should either have seen Lodoss, or read the following description, which contains many spoilers.

    The second part of Lodoss TV follows the adventures of Spark, knight-in-training of Flaim (the guy with long blue hair). He sets out on a mission to recover the stolen Soul Crystal Ball. Along the way, he meets Little Neese (the purple-haired girl), who is the granddaughter of Neese, one of the six heros (from Lodoss OVA), and the daughter of Leylia (the black-haired woman) and Slayn (the blond sorceror. Fans of Lodoss OVA will remember both Slayn and Leylia. It eventually turns out that Little Neese is the reincarnation of Naneel (the orage-haired girl), who was the high priestess of Kardis, the godess of destruction. Wagnard, an evil sorceror, wants to bring the Soul Crystal Ball, the Staff of Life, and Little Neese together in order to summon Kardis. After a lengthy ceremony, and a lull in which it appears that she will not be summoned, she is summoned, and Neese turns into Naneel. Kardis appeals as a (quite literally) black-skinned, black-haired woman. Neese, however, manages to turn the summoning around, and instead summon Marfa, godess of the earth (who is the other large figure). Marfa gives Spark a choice: paradise on Lodoss, or Neese's survival. Spark chooses for Neese to live.

    --end of spoilers--
    Danny Wilson, for making the various speed effects for Movie Maker.


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