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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: Half hour home contest ^_^ 30-04-'04
  • Premiered: 2004-04-30
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    • Offspring Staring at the Sun
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  • Comments: Hi!! Well to be sincere for me this is a very strange work!!! Well I can say that I played with my sister! ^__^ We created a little funny contest, our objective was to complete a music-video in an half hour and in the better way as possible. I know it's really a strange thing, but it's been only for fun!! And in fact I had a lot of fun working on this vid. To be sincere considering that I had only an half hour of time, I thought immediately to a not too hard thing to show... And there is nothing in the world of the anime that is more simple to show in an amv than the fights of Rock Lee!! So I worked on them... But I tried really to do my best in this 30 minutes. I also worked on lip sync in the beginning!! And I found a way to maybe make laugh watching this video!! When the singer say"ah!"... You'll see ;) And another thing, I know that ten megs are not much, but for this dimension, don't worry I think that the quality is good!! So, this is a record for me! I never done an amv in 30 minutes, this is my first time! So, considering the time I worked on it, don't be too hard ok? But I really hope that you'll enjoy it, and I hope for your feedback! To be sincere, for be a video that I've done in an half hour, I'm proud of it ^__^ Tell to me what do you think of it!! Enjoy!!

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