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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Killer Voices Productions
  • Title: Game Go Go! Stage 2! Love Begins
  • Premiered: 2004-04-30
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  • Songs:
    • Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix Ordinary World
    • Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix True
    • Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix Twilight Zone
    • Dance Dance Solo 2000 Paranonia Evolution
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  • Comments: My list of people to Thank So very (very) much,
    Joykiller (awesome help, can't wait for your video)
    Crzytetsuo (great beta tester ^_^, Need to see your dbz video SOON)
    Nicole (^_~)
    MajinKoji (>< where ya been, good beta tester ^_^)

    [Introduction to the Video]
    I was orignaly just gonna make a sequel to Game Go Go! Stage 1. But... This turned into truly much more than that.

    After a few of my friends and I were discussing ideas for the sequel/continuation... We all kinda nodded and said "Yeah, I dunno if a sequels the thing to do".

    So as we kept thinking I had an idea... What about a remake of sorts... I kinda made Stage 1 on a whim and didnt really have time to perfect it or do anything special becauseI had one set idea in my head and wanted to get it out.

    Well in this part I had time and just wanted to make out a kinda... Video Game frame work, not just a video, but much more... Like... A parody/stylistic approach at some of my favorite games.

    [The video Making]
    This was a short time spent on it, but once again so much rain I didnt get a chance to go to work, so I got the time off and just worked on this between talking with nicole and watching TV.

    People seemed to love the sprites so I decided even though it would take alot more work, I'd try to involve them more (as you see at the "THE END" shot)... I hope you guys apperciate the work that went into doing this ^_^; it was brutal.

    I hadnt originaly intended on mixing music but... Something just TOLD me to. And I think for my first time it turned out pretty well ^_^;;.

    The arrows where an idea I got from K4lium (a cool friend) ... When I tried hitting those beats I originaly intended to do something very DDR'ish but my friend suggested that I just find arrows online and use them instead of like waves or something, and in the end it turned out MUCH better (The waves looked pretty iffy). So thanks K4lium.

    The secound level (xenogears) was me wanting to make a very dramatic video with a ddr song, and to be honest, I had always wanted to make a Xenogears video but never had the honest chance to (which was a bummer till now).

    The 3rd level was me attempting to show a "boss" level just tons of violence and such kinda just showing you at the end, it was infact the end.

    The END scene was thought up from the original game go go, but it involved so much work I didnt know if I was up to it. Well it took me about 8 hours to finish that section, but I did it.

    The bonus stage was just me having fun with Paranoia (I love that song) I just wanted to do something fast and nuts for the ending bonus stage. And I think thats exactly what I got... Fast and VERY nuts.

    I thought I'd include a list of sprites and what game and where I got them just incase anyone was curious.

    List of Sprites:

    Ryu Sprite: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (3do)
    Megaman Sprite 1: Mega Man X (snes)
    Megaman Sprite 2: Mega Man 8 (psx)
    Tails Sprite: Sonic 2 (genesis)
    Sonic/Tails Airplane: Sonic 3 (genesis)
    Mario: MarioRPG (snes)
    Princess Peach: MarioRPG (snes)
    Max: Shining Force (Genesis)
    Earthworm Jim Sprite: Earth worm Jim 2 (Snes)
    Chrono Sprite: Chrono Trigger (Snes)

    Just incase you where curious their they all are ^_^.

    [Final Notes]

    Thank you for all the help Everyone It made part so much better than the first part I can barely tell I edited it ^_^.

    Thanks for watching it. I had so much more fun on this one, now that I just got to play around with it instead of trying to get an idea just jotted down and put into a specific form, it looks much better.

    [Level System]

    There are 3 levels in this stage.

    Level 1! - Face the Night - Dance on!
    Level 2! - Gewohnlich Xeno - Rpg!
    Level 3! - Hurt me Plenty - Action!

    [Secrets/things to look for]

    I added Lot's of things to look for this time around but I'm only gonna give up one.

    At the THE END screen look at the bottom in a tiny hole and you'll see Chrono (from crono trigger) doing the moonwalk :).

    [Stage 3?]

    Well for right now... there is no stage 3 this might infact be the endding stage unless people really request a stage 3... But for right now this is it.


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