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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: Piece Of Shit AMV
  • Premiered: 2004-04-26
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    • Adam Sandler Piece Of Shit Car
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  • Comments: Well, I was talking with Brian Smith(Cucumber Studios) one night and we were talking about Anime Express and the AMV contest they have every year. If you know AE, then you know they are incredibly loose on their video submission guidelines and whatnot, they usually don't pre-screen them either.
    So my friend Andrew won last year with an AMV that he threw togetehr in like a few hours or something...right before heading to the convention, it was funny and stupid and mindless, perfect.

    So anyway, Brian and my own brain somehow convince myself to make some shitty AMV and enter this shitty contest. So the day before the convention I was sitting around and my music player was on random, and on comes "Piece of Shit Car" by Adam Sandler, I hadn't listened to it in forever and it is a really vulgar really funny song and I laugh everytime I hear it because I can relate on multiple levels.

    So I'm listening to it and then I look outside the window at my 1987 Honda Prelude Si, which had just recently throw a rod bearing causing engine oil failure and a knocking condition. I love my car, don't get me wrong, it and I have been through quite a bit and i still have it today, just with a new engine in it....but it was in this moment that I laughed at my own busted ass honda to set the wheels in motion, no pun intended car.

    Not to mention I had all of Initial D ripped onto my HD already from my Beauty of Motion video and I was thinking, and thinking is a great thing.

    So I walk outside with my camera and do a few things and blam...a concept was born...and then I open up Premiere and about an hour later i had a fully assembled AMV. Exporting took an extra hour on top of the editing, but that's it, haven't touched it since.

    Also, the quality is piss-poor on purpose. I was wondering if I could get away with showing such a pixelated at this con.

    So yeah, I drive to the con the next day, not in my car mind you, my step-dads, and I give them my AMV.

    The next day....the one year they decide to pre-screen videos they do it when I enter, the most profane and vulgar video I could possibly enter.

    And then it was disqualified. That would be my 2nd disqualification in the last 3 cons I've sent an AMV to. Oh well, it is not like the video is good, it sucks ass, and it is not like I spent a lot of time on it, an hour.

    So now for your viewing pleasure I present Piece of Shit AMV.

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