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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Six Silender Studios
  • Title: Game Go Go! Stage 1
  • Premiered: 2004-04-25
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    • Pump it Up Beethoven Virus
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  • Comments: Usually when writing a biography for a video, many people (including myself up to this video) put the thank you's at the bottom, but there where a few people that inspried and helped me out on this video so much, I couldnt help but put the thank you's at the top.

    Thank you,
    Paulo (for being one of the best Gmv editors out there and beta testing for me)
    Castortroy (I snuck that megaman into the video, can you find him :P?)
    MajinKoji (a really cool friend, and a great beta tester)
    AbsoluteDestiny (for helping me Identify the song after most of my friends where stumped)
    Everyone in SSS for being awesome

    Thank you all.

    [The thought process of the video]

    I made this video over a series of 4 days... Yeah that doesnt seem like along time, but when you factor in I had the days off, it was raining outside, and I had nothing better to do. You have yourself alot of time to edit and think in.

    Fact is, I've wanted to do something like this for a while now, and well I just hadnt gotten an idea I liked enough to stick with it (And not get totally bored). Finally one day last week (April 21st to be exact) my friend sent over a song only labled "DDR Track". I listend to it breifly and said "this really doesnt sound like DDR" but really. I had nothing to go on so I just thought "okay maybe it is".

    Well anyway, I really liked the song and it had crossed my mind to use it for something, For what I dunno, but for something.

    So it started raining the 21st that night. And I was laying in bed thinking with this song going threw my head the entire time. Trying to find ideas for this song.

    Well it wasnt long till I looked at my collection of games and just had an idea right then and there "HOW ABOUT MAKING A VIDEOGAME VIDEO!" so I slept on it and got up the next morning. Now it's spring and all so usually we get quite a bit of rain (in spring) so I wasnt surprised when I woke up and it was raining. What did surprise me is I had the day off, nothing to do and alot of ideas for a video that might or might not be such a great idea.

    So with ideas in head I just got on my computer and opened PSX:MC and got to ripping.

    Now I was at one point going to make this just like a mini square tribute... But over time I had been eyeing my saturn collection and started to get ideas about making it a mixed video. So I went to Quu's Guide and found the Saturn ripping guide.

    I started ripping games one by one, and finding what I needed, Importing into adobe, repeating this process intill I was satisfied I might have enough footage.

    Then later I happened to be on aim when absolutedestiny came on, we got to talking and I told him my idea (he's a really good idea man) and showed him the song and etc. He mentioned to me that the song was not from DDR but infact from a game called "Pump it up" (might be the same thing as DDR, just a rip off?), so yay I found it where its from!

    Later I went on and researched where it had been from, what exact genra etc.

    Site can be found here: GameSpot
    Doesnt say much, but it says it is a rythem dance games in the U.K arcades (Which is really all I needed to know).

    So I started to edit... This is where my head started spinning with ideas, not for a normal straight action video, but for a more... Parody/action video. I didnt know what I was going to do till about the night of the 23rd.

    Where in castor troy and I where talking, and we hit upon the subject of megaman. He had this little avatar thing on aim that was a megaman running along tracks (from an old Tiger Game) and I had been a bit curious about it. Well after a while he switched it. And thats when it struck me.

    What if, I was to use sprites in my video, not alot, just something to add abit of parody to the whole process.

    So that exactly what I did (I even snuck that very same megaman into the mix :P), With a few ideas as to what I wanted I got to work.

    [The logo]

    Why the Vony logo that flashes infront you might ask yourself.

    Well it's quite an odd story.

    I was gonna at first combien the two logos Sega + Nintendo... What I ended up with was


    Which sounds like the name of a certain water sports company.
    Next I was going to combien Nintendo + Sega...

    Now HERES where the problems started... I was so sure of myself and it was so late that I didnt notice the more than obvious ... "Refrence" to a certain "Slang" word. And went ahead with the plan, making the logos and etc (i originaly had more logos than I do now).

    Problem is... If you MIX nintendo + Sega you get,


    Which uh... Sounds like a very 0o... Racial word when spoken.

    So the morning of the 24th I woke up, and started adobe, all happy continued editing, saved put it threw tmpg thinking I was done... Opened the mpeg and watched it... Something was wrong... I couldnt put my finger on it, but SOMETHING was very wrong.

    Watching it over and over and over, I relized "HOLY SHIT" I can't use that >< afraid of maybe hurtting someones feelings (or getting shot).

    So I had to take out and redo the logo this time just mixing the first part of my name (Voices) and Sony (as in playstation), it worked better than the other and I just slapped it on.

    [Finishing up the video]

    I finished it the morning on the 25th (which if you're reading this on the day of release, than ^_^) and exported it.

    What can I say. I love the video, it's the among not only the best editing I've ever done, but purly the best idea I've ever had. This is something I've wanted to do for along time and, It turned out in the end, much better than I had hoped for.

    [Inside jokes!? What!? Where!?]

    I would probably recommend this video to a large portion of videogamers mostly because I added some inside jokes about alot of stuff.

    For instance:
    00:55: Rinoa turns around to find squall running toward the boat.

    Problem is, in FF8 squall doesnt meet rinoa till later after graduation (AFTER doil), why's that there?
    Well alot of game developers inorder to "trick" (have fun with) people, when they release beta's and demo's they move around scenes and put in diffrent renderings of scenes.

    This scene impaticular was from a Square Special Edition Bonus Disc (Parasite Eve Edition) and was just a rather nice joke to have in there :P.

    See if you can find all the hidden "easter eggs"!

    [Whats this about a stage 2?]

    I'll be releasing a Stage 2 to add onto this "video game" I have a few ideas in my head for stage 2 and I'd like to get them out soon. So expect to see it within' the next year or so.

    Thank you for watching this.
    It was abit of hardwork, but mostly just pure fun for me, cause I love most of the games I worked with (excluding maybe the battle arena stuff for the saturn *shivers*). This had been a dream in progress for a while (for many of those who know me, you know how long I've wanted to do this).

    I appreciate you all watching it.

    Thank you,
    Jacob "Voices of" Ryan.

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