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  • Member: timtusing3
  • Title: Fake Revolution
  • Premiered: 2004-04-22
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    • Powerman 5000 Theme To A Fake Revolution
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  • Comments: This is one of three videos that I made for FITCON 2004, if you liked this one check out the other two I submitted to that contest. They were Bombshell and Eat It (links coming soon). This video was my first serious attept at lip synching, but it came out perfectly (for the most part).

    The song has 3 different sections of lyrics, and for each section I chose a character that matched the words pretty well. I then put some lip synch and action for that character, which alternates and turned out better than I thought. After the chorus it moves on. The characters for each segment were:
    Sasuke - for the first part about not fitting in
    Gaara - for the part about dying and misery
    Orochimaru - for the part that sounds evilish ^_^

    If your still reading this, I question your use of free time, since your still not watching it. Go download it, leave a comment, stuff like that. Its certainly more fun that reading descriptions.

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