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  • Member: thistledown
  • Studio: Mt. Nevermind
  • Title: Different Town
  • Premiered: 2004-04-21
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    • different town
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  • Comments: First came up with the idea after seing the end of Escaflowne, and finding out the Dilandou/Celena thing. That's when I decided to do use the "different town" song from Next I came up with the idea for Chrno with "horn's and a tail", so I decided to do it as a various.

    A bit of a run-down on the clips used:

    The Love Hina clip at the begining was really an afterthought, because the eva was singing too long.

    The eva clip is pretty simple. The eva's don't really talk much, so the one time 01 does matches the poopsmith pretty well.

    The "Marzipan" clip is actually taken from YKK (Yokohama K...). I'm a huge fan of the manga for it, and while my friends had suggested using Haruko from FLCL for the clip, I tried to be more original and went for Alpha playing her Gekkin (moon harp). Had to speed it up to 500% though. :D

    Using the tree from Inuyasha was my friends idea, and I think it worked out well enough. A bit rough though.

    The king underground is from the last episode of R.O.D. tv. While I don't think they were actually underground, it's enough of an enclosed room to count. Joker as the king of town is rather funny for those who have seen the series, and his brain getting overloaded by the "peas" was an interesting reaction.

    We had a hard time coming up with flamethrowers. A friend suggested trying to just use a machine gun to fake it, so I loaded up trigun to take a look. Going through and then the fight on the seed ship comes up with the wonderful still shot of the missle launching, and problem solved.

    This was one of the original ideas for the line, although I wasn't able to find any good footage of Chrno with both his horns and the 'tail' in action. For a while I did concider switching to Joshua instead of Chrno for the clip, since he has the horns now. But no tail. :(
    The part of the 'human' Chrno saying he's evil was too great to pass up.

    Sano with his 'cool jacket' was easy enough, so no trouble there.

    I had a hard time with the next segment, then decided on using Saikano. Failing to find any good footage for 'I quit," I had to start over again. I eventually decided on Ryvius, and went looking for Koji quiting or something. Found Neeya's surender in the process and decided it worked well enough.

    Using the blown up plugsuit for the basketball was an obvious choice from the start, so it found it's way in easily.

    Then came the main inspiration: The Dilandou/Celena switch. Tried lots of combinations before coming up with this one, still not that happy with it. Had a heck of a time with the 'other guys' line, because the computer wouldn't read the format I had for that episode. So I had to track down a new source which delayed the finish a lot. Also got very annoyed with premire during the attempt at lipsink at the end. I kept shaving more and more frames off the repeated clip but it still keeps putting up the subtitle, even though the edit clip window doesn't have it. Eventually I gave up and kept it as it was, even though it looks bad.

    Overall, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this. It's my third video, and I think it's definatly better put togather than my first, although maybe not as well thought out. Any opinions or comments you have would be greatly appreciated.

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