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  • Member: kenny_kendall
  • Title: I hate being a Saiyan!
  • Premiered: 2004-04-21
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    • Sum 41 Motivation
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  • Comments: My newest video. i find it very good. took me and hour and a half to do the first 10 seconds lol. this is a music video about Goku versing cell, i was originatly going to do it on a full goku tribute, but then i think y not a goku vs cell one instead? The song makes goku a whole different person, like he doesnt care if the world explodes he just has to fight cell becuase all the z team want him to and they all think that he will beat cell. If you didn't like my responsiblity vid u will like this one, howeva if u like the responsbitly vid u will like it even better, this music vid is like the first part, and responsbilty is like the second part. well any way enjoy!

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