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  • Member: madbunny
  • Studio: Dancing Fox design
  • Title: Alive: A Dragon Ball Z travesty
  • Premiered: 2004-04-19
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Celine Dion I'm Alive
  • Anime:
  • Comments: If you don't care about the genesis of this video, then feel free to skip
    this part and go straight to the 'hating the video' part. :)

    Due to my losing a bet, I wound up in the position of needing to make
    a Dragon Ball Z video. More to the point, it needed to be to a song
    not typically associated with DBZ. Operating on that I chose Celine Dion.
    It's hard for me to mentally get farther from DBZ than that.

    Originally I was going to do the video as a 'straight parody', but
    when I told my wife she was like "If it's a video that doesn't try to
    be something, then isn't that a normal video?" Point taken. This is a
    normal video. Since she's actually seen (and likes!) Dragon Ball Z more than
    I have it came as a surprise when she told me that my song choice wasn't
    actually all that out of place for the series. Given the amount of time
    I spent redoing scenes for this one, I wasn't about to set up a whole new pro

    The video quality has some issues, I am very aware of them, but was at a loss
    to clean the majority of them up. First, I'm using an 11 year old Dragon
    Ball Z movie. Second, there reaches a point of diminishing return.
    If I wound up putting more and more filters in place, then the video
    started to look like garbage for all new reasons. The final version is the
    best compromise that I could come up with.

    The video is not slavishly timed to the beat. In fact, it's a combination of
    beat sync and lyric matching. Some scenes have a fairly obscure, or blah
    metaphor connected to it, but I tried where I could.

    I also tried to avoid using fight footage, but as the movie, is 60 minutes lon
    and has 47 minutes of fighting in it, problems occured. Due also to the
    age and unique nature of using Paragas, I couldn't just rent more.

    Paragas, for those who don't know is sort of an old mastermind in the
    series, he enslaved Broly with his little wrist device, and has plans
    for the others.

    In his eyes he sees what he's doing as the logical, right thing to do.
    It's a play on the old, the powerful should rule, because we are powerful
    and noble story. He sees himself, obviously as the leader, and trys to
    persuade the others to follow. Thats how this video is set up.
    the story goes like this:

    Paragas wants the others to see him as the parental figure (something
    lacking for the main characters) and sets him self up as such "When
    you call for me, I'll be there" lyrics are obviously supposed to be self
    referencing for him.

    The *Alive* portions of the video, or the transfomation to Saiyan power
    are in my interpretation when the Saiyan are most 'alive'. When they
    transform, you'll notice that I tried to have Paragas looking disgruntled,
    at least in most of the shots.

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