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  • Member: DumBunny
  • Title: Trigun's No one lives forever
  • Premiered: 2004-04-16
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    • Oingo Boingo No One Lives Forever
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  • Comments: It's a mix of Categories.

    This is my first EVER music video, So go easy on me. ^-^ I wouldn't have been able to make this A.M.V. if it hasn't been for my Dad, who installed the burning software. WHICH came with Nero Vision Express 2. A lovely little editing program. *Which is made of XP but works on Windows 98... Freaky Eh?

    This AMV isn't really focusing on any certain character. It's more about the little people; don't worry Vash IS in it for a nice period of time. I had given editing a break and when I came back it became a big pain in the butt. I couldn't get the clips I wanted. This wasn't playing right. So, I kinda didn't work really hard on the last 30 secs.

    The picture isn't the best but Nero Express 2 was kind of confuzzing cause the help was all like XP pictures telling you want to do and of course my windows don't look the same. I worked on this for...Let's see March Break and 2 nights.

    I'm hoping to go to Anime North and try out of the Anime Music Video Contest if they have one with this.

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