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  • Member: 007_SSJ6_FireballNinja_Ha
  • Studio: Cat Raper Films
  • Title: Gothicrapola
  • Premiered: 2004-04-16
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    • marylin manson this is the new shit
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  • Comments: Isn't it funny how obvious it is that this vid is a mockery once you are told it is?

    I wish I could have seen the peoples faces that wrote me those nasty reviews and had to change them when they found out this was a total BS vid. You sad pathetic souls. I'll always weep for your sanity though, don't worry. And I hope this does make a great point obvious that people are too easily pleased with GARBAGE!!! So all of you that thought this vid was serious and that it was very need to start learning some stuff about editing or something cuz it was just plane dog crap.

    Although I do laugh everytime I watch it which is something quite conceited to say about your own vid. But being the inconsiderate prick that mocks everyone on this site is what I'm here for. Layta.

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