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  • Member: Krahn Riosto
  • Studio: Riosto Studios
  • Title: The Demon Within
  • Premiered: 2004-04-13
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  • Song:
    • Linkin Park Crawling
  • Anime:
  • Comments: What to say about my third, and most time-consuming project? Well, first off, I Think that the song suits Naruto and Gaara extremely well. I started working on the idea, with no particular direction, buty quiclky found what I wanted to do. I realized that there are two characters in Naruto that are more tormented, and miserable than anyone else in the series; Gaara of the sand, and Naruto Uzumaki.

    Naruto grew up without any parents, with no friends, and only a single teacher to give him any kind of recognition or respect. On top of that, because of what was sealed in him, when he was a baby, everyone who knows about it hates him with a passion, and that led to him being alone and miserable his entire life.

    Then we have Gaara of the sand; a boy who was unwanted at birth, and granted unnatural powers due to Shukaku of the sand while in the womb, and killed his own mother unintentionally, upon being born. And beucause of his origin, he was feared by the entire village, and hated by even his own Uncle, who despised Gaara for killing his sister at birth. It is so sad that such a miserable and lonely child would grow up to become such a monstrous and homicidal maniac, who wants nothing more than to die and put an end to his miserable existance. Of course, because of his origin, he can't kill himself, and can only kill everyone he desires, hoping to find the one who is strong enough to end his life, or give his own life a small amount of meaning, through the act of killing.

    Anyway, this video was no doubt the biggest pain in the ass I've dealt with for years, and I'll tell you why; Windows Movie Maker! See, for the first half or so of it, the video saved just fine, in a high quality format, no trouble. However, past that point, it let me save it fewer and fewer times, and would often crash, or just never finish saving. It got to the point where it refused to let me save it in high quality at all. Period. Hell, saving in it's current quality was something it wouldn't always let me do. Basically, the nicer, and longer the video became, the harder it got to save, in a nutshell. I went back and reedited it, taking out the divx logo (Tho I still think it popped up once or twice, but no more than that) and took out the parts that I didn't care for....I also added in the last few episodes of the Naruto/Gaara battle, so it finally has all that it all in here. Well, enjoy!

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