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  • Member: Pyle
  • Title: We were meant to live, Jeri
  • Premiered: 2004-04-11
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    • Switchfoot Meant to live
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  • Comments: To understand this music video requires a bit of background to the digimon story. As well as being my first digimon video, it is also the first video I have made in Roxio's VideoWave. In other words I DIDN'T USE WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER! I see that as a big step for amv kind.

    Anyway, the story portrayed in the music video is a bit hard to understand. Impmon (the lil purple guy) is always pissed off because he can't digivolve. He receives the power to digivolve later in the show and transforms into Beelzebumon (the big guy in the black coat). To keep his power, he is told to destroy the tamers, ultimately destroying Leomon (the big lion guy) who is Jeri's partner (the little girl with red hair) . After he destroys her partner, a digmon named Gallantmon (the big white knight thing) smashes him down like a doornail. Then, later in the show, he realizes he has to save Jeri from the enemy, and he uses Leomon's power to do it.

    Hope you understood all that. I certainly didn't.

    As far as effects and transitions go, there really is nothing new, just some extra tints and smashes. Their isn't much lip sync either. Just a quick verse at the end.

    This vid is entirely character profile. Really heavily themed too. Very few shots don't have Beelzemon/Impmon in them. Can't wait till I get an actual GOOD program.

    I decided to get rid of the annoying FoxKids logo in the corner. However, this seemed to make the video even worse. There is a little blurry box there now, which is just as distracting. I think I'll leave the foxkids logo in.

    Sad to say, I'm this video probably won't be noticed by anyone. But hey, I'm glad I made it. Impmon's been my favorite since I started the series.

    Edit: Got my first bad op on the vid, and it comments about how all I do is just throw clips together and hope for the best. I took this as rather insulting, because I always put sync and drama before _anything_. I hope that when you watch it, you notice more then he does -_-.

    w0w. When I first posted this vid, I certainly didn't have high hopes for it, and I was even in a hurry to get it wrapped up so that I could concentrate on other projects. It's now turned into my most popular video, garnering the most opinions(not saying much ^^) and one of my highest scores ever. Thanks to all who have watched it.

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