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  • Member: thistledown
  • Studio: Mt. Nevermind
  • Title: Minna No Anime Trailer 2003
  • Premiered: 2004-04-10
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    • Inu-Yasha OST Change the World - Orchestral Version
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  • Comments: This is my second music video. It was made to promote my collage anime club, and we'll be showing it at our recruitment booth during freshman orientation, and hopefully at open house if we can get a tv. I attend Cal Poly, SLO, and the club is Minna no Anime. A link to their site can be found here.

    My goal was to have a little bit from everything we've shown this year. We started this year with continuing both Nadia (from 26 on) and Inuyasha (from somewhere in the 50's), which is why I included those parts of the series, but for the rest I mainly kept to the first episodes, to try and show the main points without giving much away.

    Unfortunetly, because of trying to get so many shows in with enough time to comprehend them, it follows a lot of the "Random clip to music" syndrome, which I appologize for. Most of the clips are really just teasers, to get people interested in the club.

    For the music, I ended up cropping the begining and most of the end off the song, for matching and because the ending isn't the effect I wanted. (In the cd version, it sounds like the end of star wars, which really doesn't fit.) I also took a little out of the middle, because it was a rather long and boring part.


    For making this, I used Asobe Primere, and the AMVapp and Gordian Knot pack recomended in ErMac & Absolute Destiny's guide.

    My hardware is a 1.1 gig celeron Pavilion, with a nice big hard drive.
    I only used the onboard video, because the stupid machine won't let me disable it.


    Please leave an opinion and let me know what you think.

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