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  • Member: Castor Troy
  • Title: The Unknown Darkness
  • Premiered: 2001-10-12
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    • Ayumi Hamasaki And Then
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  • Comments: Video #46

    This is the last video done under the 3G name.

    This music video is a supposed to be a summary of events to the pre-ressurection of Majin Buu. It is required that you're a fan of DBZ and have knowledge of this part of the story. For those who aren't fans of DBZ or don't know about this part of the story yet, then I will explain it here.


    The video begins with the appearance of Kaioshin and Kibit and as you know in DBZ when 2 mysterious strangers appear and shake your hand, you know there will be trouble. I use round image mattes of all the warriors that have gathered around him timed to each of the buzzes.

    Kaioshin and Piccolo are about to begin their duel and I use opacity to enhance the look of Piccolo facing Kaioshin. This wasn't really intended but whenever it shows Kaioshin's face, Piccolo's face appears right away opposite of Kaioshin in the opacity throughout the small clip which I found to be pretty cool. I use more fades to show some of the mysterious Kaioshin and Piccolo's uneasiness. Piccolo surrenders the battle.

    Next up is Gohan vs Kibit and at Kibit's request, Gohan powers up into a Super Saiya-jin.

    Spopovich and Yamu assault Gohan to steal his energy. Kaioshin stops Gohan and lets the 2 evil henchmen take his energy so they could lead Kaioshin to their lair.

    Now the Z warriors are in hot pursuit of Spopovich and Yamu and I show some more opacity to make sure the viewer knows that Spopovich and Yamu are flying to their master's lair and that Gohan is also following. I really like how the music fits the seriousness of the scene and how the Z warriors fly and descend like fighter planes :)

    Spopovich and Yamu arrive and bow in front of their master Babidi and top henchman Dabura. I use a few more fades to enhance the visualization of the scenes then Dabura discovers the hiding place of the Z warriors and blasts Kibit away.

    Now the music begins to sound inspirational as Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta descend into Babidi's spaceshop. The first battle is between Vegeta and Pui Pui and Vegeta easily whips him. I really like how Vegeta just hops there mocking the gravity of the planet they're fighting on. Then it's Goku vs Yakon and Goku easily disposes of him. I like the way Goku grins before finishing him off as well. Then it's Gohan vs Dabura which pretty much ends in a stalemate. Gohan doesn't easily break Dabura's sword that easily as shown in the video. I had to cut the long sequence of him struggling against the sword to make it look like one short scene.

    Now Dabura senses that Vegeta still has evil in his heart. I use a split screen then another fade so the viewer knows that Vegeta is the exact person who has evil in his heart.

    Now Babidi begins to charm Vegeta into becoming a Majin and suceeds in bringing out all of the evil in his heart. After Vegeta kills many innocent people, the song gets inspirational as Goku powers up willing to stop him. Now Goku charges up ready to take on Vegeta. I show a scene of Goku smiling to show how powerful he is then I fade it to a suprised look before Vegeta charges up. The last inspirational part is Gohan and Kaioshin going back into Babidi's ship and disposing of some of the smaller henchmen.

    Now the battle between Goku and Vegeta is about to start and I use another split screen to show the 2 warriors about to go at it. Gohan and Kaioshin arrive at Buu's shell and Gohan powers up ready to stop it. All of his efforts prove useless as the smoke of Majin Buu begins to emerge from the shell. And for the cliffhanger ending, Goku and Vegeta stop their battle so they could stop Buu but Vegeta knocks Goku out to make sure he is the only one who defeats him.

    -end of story-

    I'm pretty satisfied with the way this video turned out and while it's nothing too spectacular, I think it's a pretty decent video. I keep the fighting to a minimum and try to express more of the drama and uneasiness of the situation using alot of scrolling shots and opacity. As much as possible, I tried not to go overboard with any of the digital effects used.

    To be honest, the song was way too short for me to show everything I wanted and that was pretty much the reasoning behind all of the opacity, fades, and split screens I used. I wanted to show many things in a short amount of time and I figured that those methods were the only way to do it.

    I do have alot of flaws that I want to point out in the video because in a way, I do not feel that the video is entirely complete. The song was way too short to show everything I wanted. I really wanted to show Spopovich and Yamu's deaths, Piccolo and Kuririn being turned into stone and Videl flying off. One big problem is that the viewer is going to wonder where these characters went and what happened to them. Piccolo did have alot of screen time in the beginning and he's pretty much gone throughout the rest of the video. People will also be wondering where Kuririn and Videl went off to as well since they were shown at the start of the video. Like I said, you need to be a serious DBZ fan to get the full understanding of the video.

    I noticed that Vegeta and Kuririn's round image mattes were way too large at the beginning. I thought they were fine at first but upon repeated viewings, I noticed they were too large.

    I somewhat feel that Gohan powering up against Kibit was a bit out of place because the scene was a bit too intense for the music being that slow. I meant for this scene to lead up to the next scene timed to the first major beat. Due to the shortness of the song, I couldn't put this scene anywhere else.

    I didn't time the drumrolls because they were too ridiculously long. While I don't mind timing a short drumroll, the ones in this song were way too long and would have probably gotten in the way.

    There's a small frame of Dabura shown before Vegeta knocks Goku out at the end. I dunno why I didn't catch it while I was editing because all I saw a big blotch of blocks so I thought it would be fine. I deleted all of the avis for this before I noticed it :(

    I had to leave in a cliffhanger ending because the song ended so abruptly. I had many debates whether to show the smoke forming into Majin Buu or having Vegeta knock out Goku and I wanted to close the Majin Vegeta vs Goku fight so I went with that.

    "The unknown darkness" was meant to focus around the mystery of Majin Buu and lead up to the events of his ressurection. Some people have been asking me if I was going to make a follow up video to this but let's be honest here.... Majin Buu is well... a bit too silly and probably wouldn't fit with a serious song. I do plan on remaking this when I get the dvds and maybe I'll try to fit in all the scenes I wanted.

    Time spent: 2 and a half weeks
    Footage used: I channel and Commercial Tapes
    Programs used: Virtual Dub for capture, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for the image mattes, Adobe Premiere 5.1 for editing, and Tmpegenc for final encode.
    Capture card: Studio DC10+

    Thanks to EvilVegettoZ of for providing the song.

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