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  • Member: Uzumaki Miyazaki
  • Studio: AMV Akatsuki Productions
  • Title: Naruto maniac
  • Premiered: 2004-04-10
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    • Unknown eX Dream
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  • Comments: Well, everytime I make a video I'm like ''MUST MAKE ANOTHER MUST! MAKE! ANOTHER!'' I dunno why I just crave to make music videos and I'll take any idea that's not a meaningless idea this one....... Anyway, it took me about a week, it's pretty cool n stuff.

    It starts off random then I go to Zabuzas and Hakus story, It shows the part how zabuza is mad that haku died and gets revengs on the guy that went over and kick haku luaghing....... Then it goes back to random sh*t.... then it goes to the part where sasuke gets his curse seal and gets revenge on some weird guy that can blow air thignys stuff presure out of his hand..... then it goes to the part where it shows gaara and naruto, naruto can understand how gaara fills since he has a similar past where no one likes/loves/actknowledges him.

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