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  • Member: skyedream75
  • Studio: Silver Moon Productions
  • Title: Usagi the Supergirl
  • Premiered: 2004-04-10
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    • Dance Dance Revolution Supergirl
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  • Comments: Age When Created: 15

    A tribute AMV to Tsukino Usagi from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. I had a lot of fun making this and it is definitely one of my best videos. Please enjoy it!

    Reasons for Making:
    Upon watching the first arc of Sailor Stars it finally dawned on me that Usagi is actually a very inspiring person. Despite all odds she will fight for what she believes is right and is willing to do whatever she can. She may have started out just a whiney crybaby, but Usagi definitely matures in the series to be very powerful and an amazing individual.

    Notes: The version availible for download is the small version; the really good version was too big to upload. Due to the smaller frame size of this version certain frames (not very many, just at two points of the video) became pixelated. I apologize for this and hope you can ignore those frames. ^^;;

    Participation: Nekocon 7 AMV Contest (Action Category)

    ***Awards Received:***
    ***Nekocon 7 - Best Action Video***

    Some Quick Comments Received:
    "Great amv! The song fit really well with Usagi's hyper personality."
    "Terrific! Great timing with the music and clips. Wonderful job...I hope to see more! ^_^"
    "Nicely done! The footage and lip syncing were right on and I love the song!"

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