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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: 'Let's go out together! I'll protect you until I die!'
  • Premiered: 2004-04-09
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    • Story of the Year Until the Day I die
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  • Comments: Well... I planned to do this video from a lot of time!! But I wasn't able to choose a good music that matches with the message of the video... Fortunately, listening one time "Until the Day I Die" from a my father's cd, like a flash the ispiration came to me and I started to work on it ^_^. Ok, I really put all myself in this video, really all myself. I worked on it with all my effort. In fact, in this video I've done a lot of things for the first time: first, I followed the lyrics of the song, maybe not well, but at least I tried to let the viewer understand what the song want to tell. Then, again for the first time I worked on lip sync, only in one part, but I worked hard on it!! It's at 1:02, I want to say it because I saw some videos that should have lip sync, but that I wasn't able to see. In the beginnig, I thought "in this video, I'll not put effects!", but than, working on it... I used them, and a lot. Anyway, I think that this isn't a bad thing, because I think that with effects this video is better!! Another thing that I've done for the first time is that I really changed the story of the anime!! In the real story of the anime, the girl doesn't like (or better, love) the boy, but in my video I changed things! And it turned out pretty well. And this, is also the first time where I used a high quality video... Is not perfect, but is surely better then my previous ones. As I said, I put all myself in it, and I hope that you'll like it. And I'll also appreciate a yours opinion! In fact, I hope for that!

    And this is also the first time where I worked on a video thinking about a person... I want to dedicate this video to a very important person for me: Marie-Claire Samuel!


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