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  • Member: Kumagarou
  • Studio: Good Luck Studios
  • Title: Shamanic Word
  • Premiered: 2002-03-01
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Fun
    • Other
  • Song:
    • Savage Garden Thousand Words
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Idea: This video has no artistic merit it to it whatsoever~! LoL I was just excited that I had gotten the Shamanic Princess DVD & I hadn't made an AMV for a while. So pretty much I was on a SP kick & I was itching to do a video. As for the song, I had just ripped a bunch of Savage Garden songs and this one was one I liked in particular at the time.

    Project: This was my first video to use footage from a DVD. The video was pretty much me just playing around with different effect in Video Wave 4 since I was still new to the program. It's basically one of those craptastic anime+music=amv sorta thing, it sucks~! XD It's almost as bad as my 1st video ^^; Which is why it'll never see the light of day at ^^ This'll be one of those never-before-seen type of vids.. Maybe I'll put it on a disc when I get around to sending my stuff to the AMV Distro thing. The ONLY thing I like about the video is the very beginning where the twinkle/bell comes in for a split second.. otherwise it stinks XP hehe

    Extra Info: Completed 12-03-01 - Shown in my World History & Art Class.

    Source/Equipment: Editted in Video Wave 4. Captured using WinTV CC. Footage from DVD. Audio from Affirmation CD.

    If you happen to see a copy of this, you needn't leave feedback unless you are strongly compelled to do so. ^^

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