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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: A Detective Story in A New York Minute
  • Premiered: 2004-04-07
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    • Don Henley In a New York MInute
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  • Comments: This vid was a far different vid for me because it was a totally different take for me. First of all this vid is direction oriented with some mild effects and camera angles but nothing eye popping or blinding. Two things I really like are old black and white detective movies and my home state of New York. While watching the Animatrix I came across a skit called A Detective Story and as I watched it the song NY Minute by Don Henley popped into my head.

    I first attempted this vid shortly after I completed the Inuyasha: Rest in Pieces video but for a while, I hung onto this. After I finished Nazo, I did just a little tweaking of the vid and finally decided ah what the hell, let's release it.

    Enjoy an old fashioned Detective story with a great tune by Don Henley. Since I am from New York, the song made it an extra special vid to work on.

    Now you'll notice that it says there are some scenes from Cowboy Bebop in here. Yes there are. Mild scenes of traffic that I needed for additional footage. Sorry Spike and Jet don't make apprearences in this one.

    Some people might argue that this video was easy to make. Oh yeah you try it! First up the skit was fifteen minutes long to begin with and working the footage in such a way to tell a different kind of a story that related to the song was tough. Either way, like it or hate it your call. For me personally, I think it shows my growth more so in the direection category and I was proud of this vid upon final review. It has made some appearences over at irc but only to close friends now I think I'll let you watch it. Enjoy.

    Its encoded into MPEG-1 format at 44000khz 16 bit for audio and 640x480 on resolution using Divx 5.0.3.

    Enjoy :D

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