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  • Member: Prodigi
  • Title: Love Will Lead Us
  • Premiered: 2004-04-06
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    • Live Dolphins Cry
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  • Comments: This video was started in late February 2004, and was finished a little over a month later on the 3th of April 2004, finally being released on the 6th. It is Final Fantasy IX set to the song "Dolphins Cry" by Live. The video tells the story of the game, highlighting key event (therefore contains spoilers). The original concept of this video was to summarise the Final Fantasy IX story, but over time i found i was instead focusing more on the relationship between Zidane and Garnet (Dagger). Several of the scenes I used are used in almost every other Final Fantasy IX video simply because there isn't a wide variety of footage. The final concept of this video was Romance/Drama, with tinges of Action along the way.

    This video was Remasted/Remade (only slight changes, but better quality) in early July 2005, and is now available for download below under the "Local" link.

    Here I will sum up what effects I used, and why, to show that they're not just in there for the hell of it.

    Word Overlays - In the original video I used the words overlayed at the end to add emotion, and after much thought I decided to use them throughout the entire video (only appear 4 times) to connect each scene and keep the flow of the video. They were once again used at the end to add extra emotion to the final 10-20 seconds.

    Red/Orange Blurred Images - Towards the beginning of the video I have three flashes at a certain sound in the song. At the sound an image appears which i have coloured Orange/Red and have blurred to the point where you can see the shapes, but not actually what is happening. This is because i wanted to connect the start to the events which would occur later, but i did not want to give too much away too early. So i coloured it to add emotion, and blurred it as not to spoil what was to come.

    Freeze Frame - At the first beat of the first chorus I freeze frame on Zidane's face, but have it overlayed so the action continues but you can still see his face for a short while. This was used to emphasise his shock/horror/amazement at what he had just witnessed.

    Black and White - Towards the middle of my video I have a selection of clips which appear in Black and White. This is because when i first released this video i found that using those images in colour did not fit the mood of the music. I then decided to Greyscale them so that they fit the mood of the music at that point in time.

    Apart from the above I use the occasional overlays, slow downs, reverses, and other simple effects. I also (in the end) cropped my footage to give it a more widescreen look to it, i think the final resolution was 640x344. The reason for this is because i found when watching my video it appeared to cluttered in fullscreen. So i tried cropping it and found it gave it a much cleaner look.

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