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  • Member: Paul Kievits
  • Studio: Outside lines studios
  • Title: Minimum
  • Premiered: 2004-04-11
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    • Muse Agitated
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  • Comments: Minimum is my third video made after an AMV drought of well over a year (which seems to occur way to often in my "career"). Basically it's an extension of everything I'd learned up to that point. With "Technoshock" lodged firmly in my memory as well as the critiques I got I set out to make my third video. A video which was meant to be insightful, full of effects and really refreshing. After having set out into the idea I had at the time (and having 20 seconds done) I realized it just wasn't working. Sure it was pretty but it was also really boring and I saw no way to fix this. So I Just basically changed my theme and anime and started anew.

    What followed was a long nerve-wrecking period of working 40-hours a week (and getting ready to finish school) and editing several hours a day to make the deadline our local con had set. The whole period was actually pretty depressing and the only thing that kept me up and running at the time was my girlfriend to whom I am deeply indebted. At the end of it all I had a product which was nice but lacking in a lot of places. After a LOT of tweaking I was reasonably satisfied and I decided to release the video. Easier said then done... after a myriad of technical problems and impossibilities I saw no other choice than to make a crappy MPEG1 encode and release it as it's ugly ass self.

    Looking back at the video a year later I can still see some small errors that made the final cut, but the good thing is I AM content with how it finished. The video won two awards and has got some good reactions :) It pleases my heart to see some of the nice reactions I've gotten, so if you're among one of the people who's given them ... thank you :)

    For the people who still haven't seen the video and are looking for a description of what the video is actually about this quote from VegettoEx should suffice: “You know it's not supposed to be OMG POLITICAL STATEMENT video.”. This video is crammed full of action and has a pretty coherent story (yes there is something of a story) but it has about as much depth as a movie with Vin Diesel playing the lead. So if you're looking for high-octane action video (I seriously doubt I will ever make a faster video that is actually viewable) this is the video for you...

    As for the making of the video, I couldn't have done it alone so there are some people I would like to thank for helping me:
    * Ronald Sluyter (for footage help)
    * My girlfriend (for keeping me sane and happy)
    * Zarxrax (for pointing me to after effects for two effects I wanted to use)
    * Rozard (for giving me advice on 2 effects (I never used it though :P))
    * mckeed (Same as Rozard)
    * VegettoEx (for giving me feedback on my video)
    * AbsoluteDestiny (for also giving me feedback on my video)
    * Chaos of Leviathan studios (for video feedback)

    Once again: Enjoy and don't be shy with comments ;)

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