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  • Member: Sephiroth
  • Studio: DMRA(DuoMaxwellReiAyanamiProductions)
  • Title: Your World
  • Premiered: 2004-04-04
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    • E Nomine Diene Welt
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  • Comments: This video changed over time. Origenally it was suppsed to be just a dramatic video that played off of the armagedon aspect of the AMG movie however a few things changed that.

    1. Time. Concepts change the type of person you are changes. That changed how this video came about.

    2. Hard drive failers. This video was delayed alot because of this. I lost all of my footage and many other files the first time my E drive died. The replacment died a month or 2 after i got it. And recently the new replacment has thankfully lasted.

    3. Fun. For some reason editing this became a complete blast over time. I don't think ive had such a fun fealing from editing since i did Natsuko Tayama.

    SO basicly this video which Diene Welt translates to Your World. This concept of a persons existance was focused on Belldande- who is the charecter that the AMG movie concentrates on and also has the most development. Kenji being a close second but he mostly just find out about her so that really only left Belldande. Celestine is obviously going to be in the vid also.

    Though that wasn't quite enough and it's one of the reasons the video took so long. The nature of the song and what it says didn't quite work. If it's from Belldandes perspective then it being a you song ,Which is directed by another person at somone, just did not work. The answer Urd this was done because

    1. Urd is one of the people who fights alot in the movie and i really needed that for the climaxes in the song.

    2. If Urd was directing the words at Belldande then it works within the lyrics and i can quit racking my brain.

    3. To be a departure from a normal AMG AMV which only focuses on Bel, Ken, and Cel.

    Another way to be different but also stay in sync with things was to show the armagedon scene which everyone likes to show but not show after a curtan point and basicly leave the video not nessisarily with a total conclution but to give somone who's watchin the video a reason to want to watch the anime. There's alot more fun to be had in moments of anticipation then there is to be had in the end result. So this video ended up being made up of anticipation and climax.

    There is also some lip syncing with Urd twords the end of the video. Not that it was really intended to sync i just like the idea it presents if the charecter was yelling it.

    As for digital effects they are in there. Some scene were flipped around. Some where givenslight alterations. Basicly nothing you would notice unless you compared the two. Which is how i like to do effects.

    The scene sellection for this videos was worked off of a very ruff translation of the german lyrics.

    Basicly worked off of this

    Diene Welt

    Ill-fated promises pull holds entrance like dark clouds over the country of the prophet Weissagung as well as
    a shadow over its right hand threateningly, to destroy our world.

    Refrain: your world is your world, that (multiple repetition)
    Sieh you before your acting, your thinking will become come our earth in the chaos versenkenSie, swore like the signs of nature to announce around us a prophetic.

    If the sky darkened the last birds escape themselves to the horizon at the day, if storms and flood disasters furiously over the country away ziehenNaht of the
    earths revenge as well as fire and glow air will not think fell belonged is to ash and water to blood after, before you its judgment you, but it your world to

    Refrain (Latin song part)

    And its revenge will be overflow terrible the country and will become will come fire spei' n the prophecy
    truth the largest of all Apokalypsen on earths you Armageddon named dispatched do not think fell belongs the
    world to the protection from the humanity after, before you its judgment you to you, but it is your world


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