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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Oopsie!
  • Premiered: 2004-04-02
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    • Britney Spears Oops, I did it again
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  • Comments: Well I am quite pleased with this video for it makes the rather retarded anime actually look vaguely interesting. ^_^ Also I'm pretty pleased with my action synch and it was fun to do something pointlessly silly for a change. ^_^ The capture quality is the best you'll probably ever be able to find for this OAV series and it's not too awful, I can watch it comfortable full screen but as most of you hardcore YAOI fans might agree, we tend to be more forgiving of picture quality because we take what we can get. ^_^;; Heh heh. I'm okay with the picture but I'm rather displeased with the audio. I personally don't own any Britney Spears CDs, and don't have any friends that do either, so I was met with a brick wall when it came to this song but it just HAD to be the song! So I spent forever trying to download an MP3 of the CD version (I now have like 10 or more remixes stuck on my hard drive, trial and error man), what I finally got was a little quiet so you might want to turn the volume up.

    As a fair warning, this like my other vids is subtitle free. EXCEPT, you know the little Titanic rip off interlude? Well I wanted lip synching but there were subs. I mostly covererd/hid/disguised them with special FX, but in that little sequence you can catch a few glimpses so fair warning.

    The main idea of this vid was the first verse was the seme's POV (darker skinned, darker haired guy) the second was the uke's and the last was mixed up. In the OAV series the two just lead one another on back and forth in different ways and that's what this vid is about.

    Also, if you've never seen the anime you won't understand the caterpillar's significance. Trust me, there IS a reason for it, the clips aren't just random. ^_^

    Anyway I hope you enjoy this video! Also remember it's YAOI!

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