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  • Member: Uzumaki Miyazaki
  • Title: Naruto and Sakura love video
  • Premiered: 2004-04-02
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    • ben e. king Stand By Me
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  • Comments: Well first off, I know how sakura hates naruto and naruto love sakura and I was gunna make this as a joke video,
    but then my friend said ''I'll bow down to you if this actually turn out good.'' So then I put on my soilder helmit,
    Sat down, and said ''I'm gunna get his respect!'' Lol.

    This video is a love story on sakura and naruto. =|

    Now this is my first time writing abunch of crap about a vid, if it sucks, then deal with it >_>

    Below are some notes that may help you understand the video more. =|

    1: Naruto gets up preparing to go to go to his class where he will be a ninja for the first time in his life. he wants to show off to
    Sakura to make her notice him. he gets lost on the way there so he asks for directions XD

    2: Sakura gets up going to class for the first time as a ninja also. She wants sasuke to notice her since she likes him,
    she thinks about him on the way there, what she will do, etc..

    3: Naruto notices sakura there and blushes because he is shy, she looks over at sasuke while naruto is thinking
    she is looking at him. Naruto gets up and yalls ''Good morning sakura-chan!!'' thinking she is running towards him.
    She runs passed him to sasuke and knocks him out of the way. =(

    4: Naruto can't go to sleep, he keeps thinking about Sakura. Hes thinking how he can confront her
    to ask her for a date. So then the next morning Naruto walks up to sakura and says ''Hey, sakura, would you like to eat dinner with me?''
    Sakura turns away and walks. Naruto is hurt, he thinks about just giving up but then flash backs from memories
    goes through his head, then he says to himself ''I won't be afraid'' and ferlts with sakura some more.

    5: Naruto goes up to sakura, and tells her how he feels, how he loves her and has ben rejected by her so many times and asks 'Plz, will you be mine'' I put it as the expression
    ''Stand by me'' lol. Sakura thinks about what Naruto said, she feels good inside that someone cares for her.

    6: She looks at old pictures of Her and Naruto, and she relizes Narutos kinda cute and she kinda likes him. She feels bad about turning him down, calling him names all of those times.
    She thinks how he feels, and how he must be hurting.

    7: she goes to see Naruto, Naruto says ''Go on, I know you don't like me, just refuse me and get it over with, I can take it''
    and he starts crying. I put it as the expression ''I won't cry!'' lol... Sakura sees him and his pain, she gets really sad, and feels bad.
    She yalls ''naruto, no, no I do like you, I'm sorry''

    8: Naruto is stunned by her words and thinks about the goods times he had with her -kinda-

    9: Sakura feels sorry for naruto, she goes to pic him out a flower to applogize, she thinks how naruto will love the flower while holding it up to her head.
    Sakura sees narutos and feels kinda embarassed as they approach each other, they have memories of each other

    10: Naruto forgives sakura, and says ''whenever your introuble would ya stand by me'' liek whenever you need me I'll be there for you, just come to me.
    Sakura crys in her eyes a little from happyniss. Naruto goes back home saying ''I'll see ya tomarrow'' Sakura goes home and looks
    at the picture of her and naruto n guys... The end...

    I know my minds weird, lol.

    Anyway on 9: I had to cut the head off of sakura in one picture and put it on a side view of her face lookign forwards
    and line it up good n stuff, not that hard but kinda = Anyway, comments please?

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