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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121, SSj4MysTic-KaKarot420, Yok/0
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: DBZ Music Video-Vegeta+Bulma-Koi No NazaNazo by J.Alana
  • Premiered: 2004-03-31
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    • Kuko and Hironobu Kugeyama Koi no NAZONAZO
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  • Comments: Well, this took six months in the making. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, caffiene overload, and after a lot of mistakes, pep talks by friends and the drive to finish this vid...its done. I think a lot of fans who are used to seeing my work are going to see a far different J.Alana vid in this one but rest assured, this is a vid by me.

    I myself am very proud of this video in particular. Not for the fact that it is one of the most hardest projects that I have ever emabarked on but becuase it marks a new direction for myself as a video creator. Yet, I have still stuck to my guns with this vid and made direction a main priority now let's get on with a short synopsis of the vid.

    Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Dragonball Z fan and more so, A Vegeta/Bulma romance fanatic. In fact, I can't wait to see how they'll play it out on the big screen. I think the Trunks/Androids/Cell Saga would be a perfect mix for a great action movie with a side of romance. Call me sentimental. lol. Anyway, I was surfing around one day on a fantastic website dedicated to the Vegeta/Bulma romance called its webmistress Gwendy Gayle produces some of the most fantastic artworks of Bulma and Vegeta that I have ever seen. You'd be surprised how many fans love this type of stuff too. Well while on the site, I found this mp3. It was from the original Dragonball Z soundtrack called A Koi No NazoNazo translated into english "The Mysteries of Love." Believe it or not, its the actual theme song for Vegeta and Bulma. At first upon hearing the song, I thought it belonged on a game show but as I listened more closely I realized it was a perfect song for a vid. It had an amazing tempo, rhythm, eclectic arrangment of instruments and I decided to embark on a project that would be a challenge for me but something that I really wanted to do.

    For this vid, I used a total of five different editing programs including Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Ulead VideoStudio 7, VideoWave 5.0, Windows MovieMaker 2, Snagit, Adobe Photoshop and my secret weapon that I keep only to myself. lol I also wanted to do a lot in this vid with color and light so thats why you see the arrangement of color and light in this vid as well as the actual moving video and still picture imagery.

    The video itself is a combination of both still picture and actual moving video to produce what I think is a not just a DBZ video but a video about love and enjoying that love and showing these emotions through the display of color and light that are present.

    Now for some of you that will complain *ITS NOT IN ENGLISH* the lyrics are being provided here and on my site So if you don't understand Japanese, read along with the lyrics here to understand but i think whether or not you understand Japanese you will be able to grasp the theme of this video which is: when you love someone, you love with your whole heart.

    I will tell you something about this vid though, this can best be described as Vegeta & Bulam: The Musical so if you hate lip sync or artsy types of vids, skip this one. If you do like this kind of stuff and are a V&B fanatic like myself, do stay and watch and drop an op if you like, positive or negative.

    I knew making this vid was a big risk. I knew some would hate it and some would like it. However, I ma one to push the envelope and do radical things, break the rules and try new inventive techniques. I really wanted a vid no one has ever done before. Also you should know the background itself is not one visualization but a combination of nine seperate visualizations tied together in sync to create a totally new and inventive type of visualization. Hope you enjoy ;D

    Enjoy this new vid.

    Peace and See ya on the next vid which may be for a while since this video exhausted the hell out of me! lol

    Lyrics provided by

    Romaji Lyrics English Translation
    Yes The mysteries of love The mysteries of passion
    Hearts join together on the world that goes on turning
    Yes The mysteries of love
    So let's go look for it

    LOVE BE LAVE DA LA! You don't look like your serious
    LOVE DO LAVE BE LA! Yes love is magic
    I'll tell you (What is love) a sweet secret
    And there's no way you'll find the answer alone

    Yes The mysteries of love Oh such wonderful mysteries
    Let's make a journey to the world of love
    I'm your flower and you're my __
    So together we go!!

    LOVE BE LAVE DA LA! Whisper these words only to me
    LOVE DO LAVE BE LA! I dedicate them only to you
    Promise me (Love magic) Cross your fingers
    Tonight the hands of time will turn only for us

    That smile The shining tomorrow
    I feel like singing these thoughts out
    I feel like dancing on these feelings


    Special thanks to Zarxrax, Gwendy Gayle (, Supervising Producers: Pacman121 & Mystic Kakorot & of course, my inspiration Dark Piccolo 420 ;)

    NOTE: The orginal file size is 109mb currently available on irc on winmx. This video has been made into MPEG-1 format so it could fit on I don't think the quality or the sound was distorted as much on a replay but either way I still hope you enjoy the vid. Also play it on a DVD player. Its really cool Peace.

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