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  • Member: Takefuji
  • Studio: <*~*~*AMV's By Takefuji *~*~*>
  • Title: Blood Lust - Kurama vs Karasu Part II
  • Premiered: 2004-03-30
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  • Song:
    • Gackt Lust for Blood
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  • Comments: Couldn't get rid of the old one, so here's the actual version.

    This AMV definetly had a lot of effort put into it. I wanted to give the video a slightly darker feel to it, mainly because the song is also very dark, so the entire video has been done in grayscale. Except for my credits, they're red.

    The quality is excellent because I was able to rip it from the DVD. It has gone down slightly because it took me a long time to finally save it finished. Movie Maker decided to hate me so whenever I had the video saved, the ending would have no video and just be black. I had to save small parts of it multiple times and put them all together in a finished file for it to be completed. When Movie Maker saves a file multiple times, the quality does go down. But there are absolutely NO subtitles, and the quality is really good. The video does jump a little bit because when converting the DVD to an AVI file, it compressed the file a lot so the video skips a little bit.

    All the clips are mainly from episode 56 of Yu Yu Hakusho, the second half of the fight between Kurama and Karasu. I also got a few clips for the first bit of my movie from episode 55, just to get the beginning credits and Youko's transformation in there.

    I spent a lot of timing the video to audio. The song starts off fairly calm, and goes into heavier, more upbeat parts, and then back to calm and vice versa. I got the explosions timed up to when the music gets more upbeat, and I think that worked out really good. Plus I got clips tuned up to the heartbeat during opening credits.

    I think that this one is my favourite video of mine. I put a whole wack of effort into it, so I really hope you enjoy it.

    I want to point out that I finished the AMV without looking up the lyrics for the song first. The lyrics are kinda creepy o.O It kinda gives the video a slight shounen ai theme . . . really not intended . . .

    Here's the translation of the lyrics:

    My uncertain soul melts entirely into oblivion
    While Iím puzzled by the visible scars, I stretch out my hand
    In a bright white field of vision, at the end, time is uncontrollable
    The tears running off wonít come back, the promise from that day

    No one could stop them, the tears only we could forgive at our parting
    The past promise we made to stop the mistakes from repeating over again

    I was unfulfilled by the constantly overflowing passions
    If only just for a little while . . . I want to return to human form

    If youíre going to raise the pains in my heart, then go right ahead and kill me
    Donít look so lonely, at least at the end I want you to smile
    Just for you

    Take another breath
    You canít find whatís important
    Destroy all of the peace
    Make the same mistake over again

    No one could stop them, the tears only we could forgive at our parting
    The past promise we made to stop the mistakes from repeating over again

    Kinda almost sounds like an image song for Karasu, ne? Definetly creepy . . .

    *Ahem* Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it!

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