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  • Member: staces
  • Title: I Won't Let You Pull Me Down
  • Premiered: 2004-03-28
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    • Evanescence Haunted
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  • Comments: You know I think that Hisoka is probably my LEAST favorite character in the entire series of Yami no Matsuei? The only one I dislike more is probably Tsubaki. And yet this is the second Hisoka centered vid I've made. . . Yeah I have problems. Anyway this isn't going to win me any originality points because it's Evanescence. I originally wanted to use this song to Weiß Kreuz (and Glühen) to tell the story between Youji and Asuka but I don't have a DVD ripper (if I get one I still might do it) or to Gravitation, but I have so many Gravi ideas that I don't want to get too repeptitve. The only thing that really stuck Yami no Matsuei in my mind was the "raping me" line to be honest.

    I really love the first half of this vid and my timing in it. Toward the end though there are some recycled clips. As far as the fightscene in the instrumental break, I tried to put the clips together in a way that made it look like Hisoka was fighting Muraki.

    All in all this vid is about Hisoka regaining his memories of his own death and what Muraki did to him then trying to free himself of the pain and crap that he deals with because of him.

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