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  • Members: Neko-Inu Studios, Inu-sensei, Lost Reflection
  • Studio: Neko-Inu Studios
  • Title: Forever
  • Premiered: 2004-03-29
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  • Song:
    • Queen Who Wants to Live Forever
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  • Comments: Well, we know you guys have heard that a lot, but this is our first video...

    After I saw the anime, I was deeply moved and really wanted to make an amv using footage from it. The idea for the song came one day while I listened to Queen after a very long time.. Who wants to live forever seemed to fit perfectly with the concept I had in mind, so I decided to give it a shot...

    The anime is all about a little girl who has throat cancer, but tries desperatly to become a pop singer due to a childish promise. The concept of the video, (although it changed on the process), is that though we cannot live forever, we can give our best to fullfil our dreams in the time given... That's the reason I thought this song, and the singer's life, fits perfectly with the concept, for he had AIDS and knew he would die, but still kept on singing... The song itself, gave us a hard time as it doesn't have an clear rhythm, and beacause I think of it as a legendary song... We hope we dealt with it in the best way possible.

    We used DVD footage from the anime Full Moon wo Sagashite, and Who Wants To Live Forever from the album Queen Greatest Hits II. The ripping was done with DVD Decrypter. The editing was done with Adobe Premiere 6.5 , Adobe Photoshop CS, and for the audio ripping and mp3 convertion we used dBpowerAMP Music Converter. We also used AVIsynth scripts and Virtual Dub for the final compression.

    We really want to thank ErMac and AbsoluteDestiny for the help they gave us through their guide. This amv wouldn't exist without it.
    We would also like to thank Kae-kun for finding the themes of the start and the credits of the video, and Neko-Sama for being just annoying (:P). And we couldn't forget Kakashi-kun, who made this beautifull wallpaper we used in our profile.

    This video is dedicated to .:eternal_dreamer:.
    As you can see, there are people who believe in you...

    Inu-sensei - Lost Reflection

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