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  • Member: bum
  • Title: the Execution of Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Premiered: 2004-03-25
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    • OverClocked Remixes street fighter alpha 2 : chun lee ending remix
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  • Comments: finaly, my third amv is released. actualy this is my seventh or eighth video. its just the third video that i actualy wana release. not that the videos i dont wana release arent that good, its just that i tend to take pride in originality, and the amv's im not releasing just dont scream ORIGINAL. some of them start with original concepts, but they turn out prety cliche'd eventualy.

    this amv however, is a pure slice of sweet, unadulterated originality. ya see, i was working on a chop sui / eva (shinji profile) amv, which i thought no-one had ever doen, then i found out that it was a cliche'd idea, which sux because had worked onit for ages, and from a technical point of view, it was my best amv yet. and i realy wanted it released. soon as i heard it was cliche'd i droped it. a few minutes later, while searching for something from my backup disks, i found a certian song, listened to it, an idea poped into my head. within an hour i had completed an amv for is. sounds stupid doesnt it ? an amv doen in just an hour. but strangely enough i loved it, and this is the result of a hours not so hard work, and it is prety damn awsome, partly because of its originality.

    a word about the video and audio. i originaly did the video using a divx backup of end of eva. i planed to redo it using huffyuv. sadly everytime i encoded a file in huffyuv, it would crash everytime i tried to open it. i tried mjpeg, but that made the video look nasty. so eventualy i redid the video, working straight with vob files. but then i had some toruble where still scenes (where i used .png files) would be a different size to normal files, now mater how much i tried to fix them with vegas4 and photoshop, they didnt work. so eventualy i went back to the divx version. but when i tried encoding it in tivx or xvid, it had similar problems with the picture files. the only thing that seemed to work was to encode it in wmv9, which isnt bad, but its just not perfect. which sux.

    the audio is a song i downloaded from . ocremix is a site dedicated to making remixes of game music (so no, downloading the song wasnt "evil" :P ) . sadly i had downloaded the song ages ago, and it mst have bein removed from the site, theirfor i could not find the artist that remixed it. sux.

    oh and, one final thing, do i seem to blab on endlesly ?

    enjoy the vid :D

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