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  • Member: MrPsycohed
  • Studio: Giant X
  • Title: Dream
  • Premiered: 2001-10-11
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    • Vast Touched
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  • Comments: Wow, it's been a while since I did an AMV, huh? Well, I'm not dead as many of you may think and I do still have an active interest in making AMVs. Ah who am I kidding, noone probably noticed. *sigh* Anyway. . .

    As with the last one, DVDs where the source. DVD Decrypter ripped the .vob, DVD2AVI made it a usable AVI, Adobe Premiere 6 slapped the scenes together. Oh, and I did the credits with MGI Videowave because I'm too lazy to learn how to do text with Premiere.

    !!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!
    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT watch this video unless you have seen EVERY episode of Cowboy Bebop. It could blow the entire seires for you otherwise.

    I know the title of this one is a little weird, but I was stuck for what to call it. So I decided to go with Julia's words.

    ***FUN FACTS***
    -This video was produced in one day. Less than one, actually, but I did spend most of the day on it. I'mnot sure if that means I work quickly or if I'm cutting corners. Hrmmm. . .
    -The reason for this video finally getting done (it's been rolling around in my head for months now) is that my back hurts. See, I damaged my back (not sure how, it's probably Dance Dance Revolution related) and so I took a day off work to recoup. Unfortunatly, all the games I'm currently playing are either crashing on me or I'm just not happy with right now (ever get stuck and then have to load up a week old save game? I HATE that). So I figured "Screw you, games, I'm gunna go make an AMV." So I did.
    -All the footage in the video is from the Julia related eps: Ballad of Fallen Angels, Jupiter Jazz, and The Real Folk Blues. The idea behind the song IS lost love, so I figured it was only appropriate.
    -Did I ever mention that Cowboy Bebop is probably my most favorite series? I have a lost of favs, actually, but Bebop is WAAAAY up there.-This is my first real action AMV (Rurouni Man hardly counts), as well as my first serious AMV. I love comedy, but expect more serious stuff now too. Maybe. Probably. Nah.

    Keep circulating the tapes!

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