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  • Member: DTJB
  • Studio: Downtown Productions
  • Title: Losers of Eva
  • Premiered: 2004-03-24
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  • Song:
    • 3 Doors Down loser
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  • Comments: 3rd Place Winner at Anime Iowa 2004! Cool!

    After completing this video, I have come the conclusion that I probably won't become a great AMV editor at any point in time. Regardless, I believe that I have come a long way since my first video. At least I'm getting better, that's something to be proud of.

    This was one of my very first ideas for a music video, and I'm glad to have completed it. This was the first time I used an anime source that had the average episode count of 26. With my process of choosing what scenes to use, this was a very long process and I'm surprised I didn't lose my mind, or shoot my foot off. But considering what I put into it, I'm satisfied with all the effort. I just hope I don't kill myself if I ever do a project with Kenshin or Kodomo No Omocha.

    Another first for me, the first time I had to work with captured footage off of DVDs, this is just in relation to the Eva movies. Since the resources I have are very limited, I had to tape the DVD footage onto a VHS tape, and work from that. Surprisingly, some of the footage looks good on the final video, except when the only color covering most of the screen is white, then the picture looks really bad.

    The anime used is the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion series, my all time favorite. For those who haven't watched all of this series yet, there are spoilers in my music video, but probably not TOO much to give away. And just so you know, only one scene that I've used is from the Directors Cut, you have to be really sharp to catch it though.

    The song used, Loser, comes from the 3 Doors Down debut album, The Better Life. As far as talent goes, 3 Doors Down is pretty good, for a band who plays songs that sound alike. They're a pretty good band that's gotten better over the years and this is an okay album, but it's not great, just worth checking out.

    For the moment, I am currently working on a new video project, but once I have finished with that, I will try and remaster this video at some point in the future.

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