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  • Member: turboneko
  • Studio: Turboneko Studio
  • Title: Snow
  • Premiered: 2001-10-07
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  • Song:
    • Joe Satriani Tears in the rain
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  • Comments: This video had a somehow "peculiar" realization. At the beginning I captured the clips to edit them with another music, but just a couple of days before I started the project I heard "tears in the rain" and I immediately thought to the snow... and how it really matched well the idea I had for the mood of this video.

    I have tried to make a Berserk video a little different from the usual ones, where blood is non-existent and feelings are the main stream.

    I wanted to represent some bits of the relationship between Gatts and Caska, completely concentrating myself on Caska's feelings when Gatts leaves the Hawks Squad, leaving her behind him.

    I've always found that moment as a very moving moment in the series (and especially in the manga), and I wanted somehow to express those feelings of regret, sadness and confused love.

    I like very much how this little video turned out (and actually I think it is my best one together with my other Berserk video), and so I hope that you will like it too.

    And please, either if you find it enjoyable or not, drop me a comment: I will really appreciate any feedback on this one, thanks!! :)

    - Cristina

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