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  • Member: silver_moon
  • Studio: Dark Moon Studios
  • Title: Still Be Free
  • Premiered: 2004-03-16
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  • Song:
    • Savage Garden You Can Still Be Free
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  • Comments: This video is not new. I made it a while ago, in August 2003.

    I didn't release this until now because I thought I could do a better job with NTHT than this. I personally don't like this video as much as my newer Now and Then, Here and There video, "It Was There", but a lot of people didn't seem to like my newer one. Those people might like this one better. It's much more of a drama, it's slower, and it's much simpler.

    I didn't do too many effects. A couple radial blurs, some flashes, saturation, and some overlays... but not nearly as many effects as I often do.

    Here's the lyrics:

    Cool breeze and autumn leaves
    Slow motion daylight
    A lone pair of watchful eyes
    Oversee the living
    Feel the presence all around
    A tortured soul
    A wound unhealing
    No regrets or promises
    The past is gone
    But you can still be free
    If time will set you free

    Time now to spread your wings
    To take to flight
    The life endeavor
    Aim for the burning sun
    You're trapped inside
    But you can still be free
    If time will set you free
    But it's a long long way to go

    Keep moving way up high
    You see the light
    It shines forever
    Sail through the crimson skies
    The purest light
    The light that sets you free
    If time will set you free

    Sail through the wind and rain tonight
    You're free to fly tonight
    And you can still be free
    If time will set you free
    And going higher than mountain tops
    And go high, like the wind don't stop
    And go high
    Free to fly tonight

    I like how simple this video is, and how it focuses on the scenes rather than pure editing.
    Though I'm not very satisfied with how this vid turned out, hopefully you'll enjoy it anyways. ;)

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