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  • Member: Ray Stanz
  • Title: Zelda - Papercut
  • Premiered: 2004-03-13
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    • Linkin Park Papercut
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  • Comments: Zelda rules!!!

    Iīve started making this videos many years ago, mid 2001 I bought my first TV Card to make a DBZ Video but I couldnīt wait to tape all episodes Iīd need to make it so I began recording many scenes from my n64. As I began with making the video I just thought: Great game + one of my favorite videos = Wow!!!. But I was wrong because I just choosed the scenes randomly and inserted it. I tried my first method of makingvideos: Normal Lyric = Normal scenes and chorus = some action. The result was a mediocre video that got on my nerves because it just sucked. But when I heared the song and saw the scenes from my video I wondered about a brillant effect how it looked like when the video was (randomly) synched to the beat. I was very happy about when the beat "switched" the scene because it looked genius. At this time I just saw a DBZ AMV that was set up to Crawling from Linkin Park (the video was the reason for beginning with AMVs), but I didnīt know anything about the AMV site and how good videos there were. But I thought if a scene cutter from propably Hollywood would make such an AMV heīd synch to every beat. In my opinion the video I made would be boring when I synched to every beat but when I saw the synched scenes I had an idea: Lets synch! So I started making the video again and synched.But: There was a very big problem: I used Ulead Video Studio so I werenīt able to directly synch in the storybord area because the scene I was cutting could just be looked at in a preview so it was very very difficult to switch the scenes in the right moment. Thats also the reason why Iīm already not completely lucky with it because I couldnīt synch every scene as I wanted it to be so some (Lyric scenes) werenīt at the position where I wanted to see them. While beginning with the chorus I heared a new thing I wanted to synch to, you know when the chorus began the Gittarre plays something like this:

    Da-Da-Da^ Di- Da-Da

    While hearing this I had an Idea to use a nice effect: Invert scene
    So I inverted the scene at the first and second "Da" (I felt Genius as I saw the preview). Then there was one of my favorite sound in the song when Mike began to sing/wisper: The face inside is right beneath your skin!. And then the beat:

    and then : The face inside is right beneath your skin!
    I love this part of the song because itīs maybe exiting or insane so to say (And itīs always playing in my head Da-Da-Da^di...The face in..that happens every day). This was the first of my most effort put on part of the video because the scene should have something like a contrast between voice and the great beat. So it was time to Megasynch. And it worked quite good but with Adobe Premiere it would have looked much better ;-(. Ulead Video Studio is a good video editing program but it canīt and will never be used for something professionnel like Euphoria or Bleed the sky because it doesnt have the "direct" possibilities as AE. I think if there is a video like Euphoria the created made the video with an second Grafik progam like paint or better Photo Shop. That is how I synched to the scratching of the part after the "The face inside...Da-Da-Da...". I stated Ulead Photo Impact began my work. In my opinion the final scene is the best of the whole video because there you can see the how I put my most effort on hust to sych these few seconds. (In my vision) I saw the scene playing to the music and the result seemed so far far away that I thought : the video video will never ever be finished.

    But the scene was done...After 5 hours for propably less then 5 seconds (There it was the Wow!). I captured the screenshots I wanted to finally see in this scene and tried to let something move in a circle and in the center of the picture playes something like a Flash pack and that very fast. I like this part most of my video but I always get sad when people see the scene and say: "Just randomly choosed some scenes and set the speed of the scene at 2 frames of a second so the creator was lazy and I repeat again randomly choosed the pictures to fit the music. In this case I get sad because the viewer of my video doesnīt see the effort I put into making this video. When I finished the video I was very lucky (propably the luckiest man in the world) over it.

    It took me more than three months to finish the video and the making time is around 40 hours (when I made it without any stop to drink or go to school etc. when I watch the video now I like it but it gets me a bit sad that didnīt completely look like I saw it in my Vision but Ulead Video should just be blamed for it because if would have put 10-15 more hours on it, it would have looked like I wanted it to be. The next thing Iīm a bit angry about is the sound and video quality of the video but as I know that I hadnīt the possibilities to make that better I think itīs ok.

    Lyrics: Linkin Park - Papercut

    Why does it feel like night today?
    Something in here's not right today.
    Why am I so uptight today?
    Paranoia's all I got left
    I don't know what stressed me first
    Or how the pressure was fed
    But I know just what it feels like
    To have a voice in the back of my head
    It's like a face that I hold inside
    A face that awakes when I close my eyes
    A face watches every time I lie
    A face that laughs every time I fall
    (And watches everything)
    So I know that when it's time to sink or swim
    That the face inside is hearing me
    Right underneath my skin

    It's like I'm paranoid lookin' over my back
    It's like a whirlwind inside of my head
    It's like I can't stop what I'm hearing within
    It's like the face inside is right beneath my skin

    I know I've got a face in me
    Points out all my mistakes to me
    You've got a face on the inside too and
    Your paranoia's probably worse
    I don't know what set me off first but I know what I can't stand
    Everybody acts like the fact of the matter is
    I can't add up to what you can but
    Everybody has a face that they hold inside
    A face that awakes when I close my eyes
    A face watches every time they lie
    A face that laughs every time they fall
    (And watches everything)
    So you know that when it's time to sink or swim
    That the face inside is watching you too
    Right inside your skin


    The face inside is right beneath your skin (3x)

    The sun goes down
    I feel the light betray me (Repeat until end)

    [Chorus] (Repeat until end)

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