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  • Member: Zaphod_Beeblebrox
  • Title: She Loves Him Not
  • Premiered: 2004-03-13
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    • Papa Roach She Loves Me Not
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  • Comments: While the idea for this video came to me late on 12-3-2004 I immedeately set about making a video that could just make my career as an AMV creator, having what i thought was plenty of source footage and the right track, a plan (of sorts) and all the time i needed I went to work.

    2 hours later : it is now 4 in the morning, i have completed 30 seconds of footage, spreading across two episodes.....all is well.....

    2 hours later still : it is now about 6:30 in the morning-ish, I have now completed 1 minute and 22 seconds of footage for the best video i have ever made......i go to import the next episode into premiere.....slight hitch: the epsiode has "an invalid compression format" i cant use that.....ok fine whatever

    5 minutes later : I have tried all of the 71 episodes of naruto currently in my collection and have one thing to say: "FUCK!!!!!" none of them work apart from the ones i have already used

    time = 6:56 am GMT : I have now encoded the 1minute 22seconds of footage at 451kbps in realmedia...file size = 4.46 mb, quality = good, codec = v8

    in short: i know this video is unfinished and unless someone else does something about it, it will stay that way......unless someone releases the DVDs of Naruto in england, then i'll do something but until then: bugger off.

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