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  • Member: kenny_kendall
  • Title: Responsibilty
  • Premiered: 2004-03-11
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    • Sum 41 Over My Head
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  • Comments: kool Music video about Gohan in the cell saga versing cell the reason why i chose this song was becuase gohan was in over his head becuase hes just a boy versing cell and all his life hes been looked down on, get beatin up and watched his friends being tortured on the side line.but now its his turn to save the world and he finds its much harder than it looks.

    ok some people ask me 'you shouldn't of had all the z fighters if its a gohan tribute you should stick to it being gohan' well the reason i put the other characters in it is because all gohans life he has watched as his friends suffering while standing their helplessly and its like history is repeating itself. i hope that is clear to u now. hope you enjoy watching it ^_^ and when it has gohan falling into a rock and i show the z team looking all worried and stuff its becuase, knowing gohan, they don't think that he is ready for this. but gohan tries really hard to be tough but ends up failing until...............

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