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  • Member: skittlespider
  • Title: DBZ - Rise of the Machines
  • Premiered: 2004-03-10
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    • Terminator 3 Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: This was my first attempt at making a trailer. I chose the Terminator 3 trailer for a number of reasons. First of all, while watching it all I could think about was Trunks being the perfect John Connor. After some thought, I did the rest of the casting. Of course Android 18 just had to be the T-X (the T-X is a female Terminator for those that might not know). I decided not to make anyone be Kate Brewster and made her parts be more like added sound effects or some other kind of quote. I originally wanted Android 16 to be the Terminator. However, I did some thinking and decided not to. While he does definitely look the part, he barely ever really interacts with Trunks and never fights Android 18. I tried to think of someone who did both of those and I remembered History of Trunks. The Gohan of Trunks' timeline both interacts with Trunks and fights Android 18. I tried to cut as much of Android 17 out of this one, but I had to leave him in one scene.

    Another thing that I like about this trailer is that I used the theatrical trailer, not the teaser trailer. From what I can tell, I am the first (on at least) to use this specific trailer. I use a lot of special effects in this one, so be prepared to be in awe. I spent a little over a month on this one. It is also my most successful lip syncing I've ever done. I went second by second and tried to make it look like the characters are actually saying the words, not just moving their mouths while the talking is happening. That was very very frustrating, but the results were beyond what I expected.

    There is one scene that I am unhappy with. In one part where there is an electrical sound effect, I put Gohan when he has some green lightning bouncing around him in that spot. The problem is that his mouth is moving when there is no talking. Nothing major, but it annoys me. I tried to fix this, but there was not a spot where he had his mouth closed and the green lightning was there, so I left it how it was. If you read all of that, thank you very much. Sorry it is so long, but I put a lot of work into this one. I spent a month making it.

    I recommend watching the actual trailer along with this one. That way you will understand why I did some of the effects that I did. It is on the first DVD of the Terminator 3 DVD. I hope you enjoy it!

    Update: 02/16/05 - I entered this amv into the Numa Rei-No Con amv contest. It won for best trailer! I was so happy!

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