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  • Member: bubblehead
  • Studio: Rubber Ducky Productions
  • Title: Izumi's Pain
  • Premiered: 2004-03-09
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    • Conjure One Manic Star
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  • Comments: SPOILER ALERT: there are heavy spoilers for episodes 16, 17, and 21 of Princess Nine. If that doesn't concern you, then watch the video, and please feel free to leave an opinion and tell me how I can improve. Enjoy!

    Izumi, by the way, is the girl with curly blue hair. Ryo, the girl with short brown hair and green eyes, is both her romantic rival and her rival in sports.

    I should note that this is the first video using Manic Star.

    This is my second video. It uses a greatly cut version of the song, cut from about 5 minutes to about 2 and a quarter. It was edited in Windows Movie Maker 2, and therfore there are no digital effects to speak of.

    I originally wanted to make a Scrapped Princess AMV to this song, but I do not have the DVDs and I wanted to do an AMV without subtitles. I decided that an AMV using Princess Nine (funny the similarity in the names), centered around Izumi, could also work.

    This is my first AMV using DVD footage. That said, it has some video quality issues, because I did not make some of the footage progressive before using it. All you editors will know what I mean.

    I also discovered that Princess Nine is annoying on close inspection, because there are sections, several seconds long, with no movement at all, and some visual flaws ( Ryo's eyes are not colored properly in part of episode three).

    Why are you still reading? Just watch, already!

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